10 Adorable Must-Have Things For Readers And Writers

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10 Adorable Must-Have Things For Readers And Writers


There are certain things in a reader’s life that speak to them; things that only other readers would understand.

These are those things.

Ampersand ModCloth

Let me tell you how adorable this would look on my shelves, surrounded by my preciouses.

Ampersand One More Thing Figurinebuy at ModCloth

Personal Library Kit

Bitch, don’t steal my books.

Personal Library Kitbuy at Knock Knock

Life Worth Living Semicolon Women's T-Shirt

Life gives you pauses; continue living through the struggle. And please use the semicolon wisely.

Life Worth Living Semi Colon T-Shirt – buy at Zazzle

It’s a disco for your bookshelf!

Plain and Symbol Lamp – buy at ModCloth

Read One-Handed Mug

Yes, this does mean you should diddle while you read.

Read One-Handed Mug – buy at Zazzle 

Banned Books Socks

I have these socks, and they are my favorites.

Banned Books Socksbuy at Amazon

Smart women read. I’ve also heart we’re dangerous.

Let’s Readbuy at RedBubble

Well-Read Women- A Reader's Journal

It’s like a blog… but on paper?!

Well-Read Women: A Reader’s Journalbuy at Amazon

Reading Pillow S6

I swear to Pete, if I had this pillow and someone else in my house used it, I’d bust some heads.

Reading Pillowbuy at Society6

If there is another level of nerd, this shirt just reached it.

Hey Good Bookin’ Teebuy at ModCloth

10 Adorable Must-Have Things For Readers And Writers

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