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  • DISCLOSURE: SBC, LLC contains affiliate marketing links.

5 Reasons To Take Paperbacks To A Book Signing

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Just because we’re book lovers doesn’t necessarily mean we have a library full of books. I, for example, have only a handful of paperbacks on my shelves. Out of every 100 books I read, 99 of them will be on my Kindle.

For that reason, I don’t have loads of paperbacks at the ready to be signed by my favorite authors when I meet them. But there’s something about having my FAVORITE books signed by their authors. It’s a way to mark a book I enjoyed something so much, I went out of my way to show my love for all of eternity.

5 Reasons to Take Paperbacks to a Book Signing

If you’re like me and don’t have a lot of paperbacks, you’ll want to start stocking up on your favorite books now to have them signed at Shameless Book Con 2016 in October!

Need a reference to know which authors are signing? Check out the updated list on the Authors Signing page.

5 Reasons To Take Paperbacks To A Book Signing

  1. Get Them Signed!
  2. The main reason for taking paperbacks to a book signing: you want the author to sign the books! Spending a few pennies on a souvenir that the author wrote, touched, signed to you, and – if you ask nicely – kissed, is a lovely reminder of something that made you happy.

  3. Connecting with the Author

    It might only be a minute or so that you spend with the author when having her sign your favorite book, but I can promise you, that minute means the world to that author. Not to mention, you will remember meeting her and telling her just how much you loved her book.

  4. Supporting the Author

    By purchasing a book you’ve already read – either because you borrowed it from someone or you read it on your Kindle – you’re giving extra love to an author for writing so prophetic, it will stay with you for-ev-er!

  5. We’re Visual People

    We like looking at things we love, right? It’s why we plaster our walls with pictures of Balthazar Getty and Leo DiCaprio when we’re tweenagers. The same goes for our favorite books; we want to have visual reminders of books we love.

  6. We Like to Hug Things

    Think ahead to when you’ll be standing in line with 1000 other book-obsessed fans, hugging your favorite books like they’re long lost loves. You’re welcome!

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66 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Take Paperbacks To A Book Signing

  1. Christy

    I have copies of The Girl in 6E, Blindfolded Innocence and the Bend Anthology I need Alessandra Torre to sign. NEED. And I ordered a signed book from Tiffany Resiz – she did the inscription but didn’t sign her name. I would like to meet her to get it signed. :)

  2. Stephanie W

    I would absolutely get Some Sort of Crazy and Some Sort of Love signed by Melanie Harlow! This series just grabbed me and hasn’t let go! I am the lucky and “Happy” recipient of a signed copy of Some Sort of Happy. ;-) To have the entire series signed and to get to meet the author in person would be a dream! ♡

  3. Marcy Meyer

    I would definitely take the Pucked series to have Helena Hunting sign, as well as Big Rock by Lauren Blakely. I would also get anything signed by Tessa Bailey, another Hard Ink book by Laura Kaye and something from Laurelin Paige.

  4. heather

    I’m hoping to get anything bought and signed by Tiffany at Unholy Days on Sunday. If not her, Christopher Rice. That was my major fan girl announcement

  5. EM Barton

    I actually only colect classics in paper -or hardback. It would be kinda scary to get John Steinbeck’s autograph!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Victoria

    Really great giveaway!! I’d love to own more paperbacks but I simply don’t have the room :(… when I get my bigger house with a library I’m going paperback crazy LOL

  7. Jennifer D

    If I had to pick a book to get signed at #sbc16 it would probably be First Touch by Laurelin Paige. That book just blew me away! I read in January and I still can’t get it out of my head!!!

  8. Shelby Forbes

    I’d have to buy a book there and ship it back. Carrying a book to and fro and risking crinkled pages… ugh… makes my skin crawl just thinking about it. :)

  9. Amy R

    Defiently all of Tessa Bailey’s and as many more as I could afford. I love signed books, they are my precious.

  10. Sandy S

    I have too many books to keep track..I would need a U-Haul for all of my books that I want signed.

    Thanks for the giveaway

  11. Kristian Erdmann

    I would defiantly the Pucked Series I love Helena Hunting. Probably many more as well. There are so many great authors going to be there!!!

  12. Kristian Erdmann

    I would defiantly take the Pucked Series I love Helena Hunting. Probably many more as well. There are so many great authors going to be there!!!

  13. Leslie Serrano

    I would love to have Tiffany Reisz sign any of the book of The Original Sinner series, probably The Prince since it’s my favorite of the series but I ain’t picky. Lol

  14. Cassie

    I already have a few signed from some to the Authors attending. I would say Pretty Pink Ribbons by KL Grayson

  15. Juli Hall

    There are so many authors attending that I want signed books from, Melanie Harlow, Aleatha Romig, and so many more

  16. LisaVH

    I am absolutely getting my series of Original Sinners signed, but for the rest I want to do a poster or other graphic for display.

  17. Shelene Cooley

    Hopefully I will have my Tiffany Reisz The Bourbon Thief by then and I would love to get that signed, but lets be honest that are to many authors to count that would be a wonderful chance to get a singed book from.

    So excited
    Thank you guys for all you do, love the newsletter daily

  18. Barbara Stoker

    Anything by Alexandra Ivy, Carrie Ann Ryan, Susan Stoker Rebecca Zanetti. And holy cow so many more. I wish I could go. So many amazing authors. Sounds and looks like it’s going to be epic

  19. Lu Bielefeld

    I live in Brazil and unfortunately I can not attend the Convention.
    But I would love to have some autographed copies.

    1. Charlene

      But I didnt see them on the list so I would bring all my meredith wild books to be signed. Unfortunately it’s to far a distance for me to travel. Hope to see a signing event close to my town one day

  20. Janice Richard

    Love all of your suggestions – I look forward to all emails/notifications, very helpful, Thank you!

  21. Kay Hennesy

    If I were lucky enough to go, I’d purchase paperbacks from each author to have them signed. :D

  22. Nihcki

    I would haul all of my Demonica / Lords of Deliverance paperbacks for Larissa Ione to sign. My all-time favorite series!

  23. BrooklynShoeBabe

    Although I own all but one Tessa Bailey book in eBook format, I would go out and buy all the paperback copies of her book to have her sign them. I love her books, and it was because of the Tessa Bailey FB group that I found the SBC.

  24. Max G.

    I would love to get my Tarryn Fisher-Love with lies series signed, or Dirty by Megan Hart, or the Original Sinners series by Tiffany Reisz, just to mention three of my faves authors….thanks for the chance!

  25. Heather Scully

    OMG. There are sooo many authors I would die to meet and get some books signed. Lol Too many, actually that I doubt I’d get around to all. But the main authors I’d def NEED to see are Laura Kaye, Lauren Blakely, Alessandra Torre, Tiffany Reisz, and Aleatha Romig. But man…I’d try to get to more, if I could this is an amazing collection of authors in one place! ?❤?

  26. Jennifer Lessard

    I would take Big Rock to get signed, and The Pucked Series, Hollywood Dirt and The Girl in 6E for sure! Oh yea, and my Fixed Trilogy and Hudson!

  27. Jennifer Taylor

    Lux Series By: Jennifer L. Armentrout or Hardpressed By: Meredith Wild. Thank you for this giveaway.

  28. Molly Sturgeon Lyon

    First Touch by Laurelin Paige! Love that book so hard – what a way to start off my reading year!

  29. Elle

    Unfortunately none, as I’m living in Europe and won’t be able to attend… But as I already own the 4 The Original Sinners: The Red Years books dedicated by the wonderfully talented Tiffany Reisz, I’d love to add the 4 books of The White Years to my colection ;-)

  30. Edmond

    Great Scout , Marty . I have none; can’t afford anything. Wow, prize kindle is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. :) Pick me, pick me! Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest. Starving artist here desperately needs the kindle to work and eat. A life changing exp.

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