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About This Whole “Grey” Book

EL James, the Queen of the Modern Crotch Novel, has released Grey, an alternate POV book, one that has opinions coming out of hearts and minds around the bookosphere like steam off fresh dog shit.

You know what they say about opinions and assholes: everyone’s got one but not everyone’s smells good.

I’ve read opinions on Grey that slam the writing style as well as the people who read and enjoy the book. I’ve read other opinions that don’t even mention the book, yet laud EL James and her influence on the romance-reading community.

All of the opinions are great, because like assholes, they’re necessary for good living.

I have both an opinion and an asshole, and my opinion on Grey by EL James is that it’s a book meant to be enjoyed. It’s not high literature; it won’t be on a required reading list in high school. Grey isn’t for discerning readers; it’s meant for Fifty Shades of Grey superfans.

If you weren’t a FSoG Kool-aid drinker the first time around, don’t buy and read Grey.

Those of us who had our reading jump-started with the release of the Fifty Shades Trilogy, we owe it to the popularity of the books for the vast amount of good romance reading currently available.

Read Grey; don’t read Grey. Enjoy it or hate it.


Just read more dick; don’t be a dick.

Buy At Amazon: Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian

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4 thoughts on “About This Whole “Grey” Book

  1. Laina G

    Have I told you how much I love you?? I am SO tired of non-FSoG people bashing the books and it’s almost worse that they are bashing Grey! This is for the Die-Hard Christian & Ana fans!! I’m amost done reading it and I TOTALLY agree with you!!

  2. faaz

    Im 20% in the book, im enjoying the book. im finding it funny as reading and giggling my partner goes whats wrong with you im like christain is being funny.the book is refreshing..people dont like it dont read it.cant please everyone.iwas abit surprised the way christain thinks hes adorable.i guess hes character was intense in the 3 books..iwas expecting that but E L James surprised me…loving it so far..

  3. Sonya McAlister

    If I read everything correctly than E L James wrote this book for her readers who wanted Christians point of view. This is no different than other Authors who have done the same thing. I read Grey and enjoyed it immensely. It does what the Author intended it to do that is let the readers learn more about Christian Grey. I agree with what was said above. This is America we all have a choice to read the book or pass on it. Don’t ruin this for others just because you have a biased opinion.

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