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Authors Love Authors: Harper Sloan Loves Alessandra Torre

One of our favorite β€” and newly crowned “Elite” β€” authors is Harper Sloan. She recently picked up Black Lies by Alessandra Torre and had her brain explode in its wake of awesomeness. Of course she did because it’s a Certified Favorite. Duh.

To add to her love of this book, Harper is generously giving away 5 signed-by-Alessandra copies of Black Lies! Enter below.

Here’s why Harper β™‘s Alessandra!

Black Lies by Alessandra Torre


Heat Rating: Molten
Genre: Erotica, Suspense, Mind-Blowing-Brilliance
Series: Standalone

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Harper Says:
It’s been quite some time since I’ve read a book that has stuck with me still days later. I keep wondering how they are; what will happen to them past “The End.”

I’ve caught myself all dreamy-eyed and thoughtful just replaying each scene. It’s brilliance. Pure and simple brilliance. I went in blind β€” which you absolutely must do β€” and my lord am I glad I did. I found myself going through so many emotions and what’s-going-to-happen-next moments.

I felt it. Each word. Each emotional moment. Each thought process of the POV in play felt like my own. Those feels…oh they’re dangerous. By the end of the book β€” even with a giant smile on my face β€” I was crying.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Torre could write anything, and I would be hanging on every word. But this book? This book is a league of its own.

Loved it. Love her. There’s a lot of love happening right now. β™‘

Visit Harper’s website and follow her on Facebook to get all of her loves and her books.

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5 thoughts on “Authors Love Authors: Harper Sloan Loves Alessandra Torre

  1. Melissa Jones

    I love Harper Sloan’s review and agree with every word! Black Lies is by far the best book I’ve read this year!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!

  2. Andrea Smith

    I agree with Harper totally!! Alessandra Torre is an author that we all ascribe to be! I was so lucky to be included with her and other fabulous authors in the highly-touted anthology, “Bend.”
    “Black Lies” was no cookie-cutter book! It was so refreshing to read something so unique and so different from the ‘same ole’ ‘same ole’! It does my heart good to see other authors recognize the exclusive talent that AT has!!

    Thank you HS!!

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