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  • DISCLOSURE: SBC, LLC contains affiliate marketing links.

Authors Talk About Their Most Memorable Signing Experiences

I hit up a few of our favorite authors to talk about their most memorable signing experiences. We are so excited to host them at Shameless Book Con! Tickets are available here.

Katee Robert

A few years ago, I was signing a huge group event and found out that one of my FAVORITE authors of all time was also attending–Tamora Pierce. I’ve loved her books since I was a kid, and so knowing I was even in the same room as her was paralyzing in the best way possible. My husband took pity on me (with much side eye) and went to her table and bought me a book.

She signed it, and called me a “fellow writer” and I basically burst into tears on the spot. I’ve been published for years now, and THAT was one of the key moments when it was like “Holy crap, I’m a real author.”


Samanthe Beck

There was that time time Mia Hopkins and I met “Fabio” at the LA Times Festival of Books signing…


Tessa Bailey

My first ever book signing was the Romantic Times Convention, which was super overwhelming for a newbie author. I was so nervous, sitting there waiting for the doors to open, arranging and rearranging my swag. And I looked up—and who is standing two feet away? E.L. James. Big smile on her face. She snapped a picture of the signing room and moved on with her assistant. A few minutes later, she posted a picture of the signing room (and me, with my mouth hanging open) on her Instagram. But having her pass by reminded me I was a part of something bigger than my fears and I was no longer nervous! :)

Leddy Harper

Last year at a signing in Savannah, I sat across from Stephie Walls. I’m not sure how it all started, but we ended up in a selfie war. She’d take candid pics of me, and vice versa, and then we’d post them on social media. I eventually won when I got the best one of her, mid sentence. That was the start of our friendship, and she’s one of my best friends now, a year later. And she’ll be my assistant at SBC16!

Skye Jordan

I wasn’t actually signing at this particular event — I was wandering around another signing to pick up books of friends for my Skye’s Starlets.

There were lines everywhere, as always, and I was surveying the authors, trying to figure out which ones my readers would like books from when I passed a woman standing in line and heard, Gasp And a whispered “Skye Jordan…”

I said hello and chatted with her for a minute, but I just thought it was the sweetest, most thrilling, and humbling moments at a signing.

I SO love my readers. They are absolutely magnificent and they keep me going every day.

Ella Frank

I love book signings. While I haven’t been to many, the handful at which I have attended have been wonderful. It is a privilege and honor to be in a room full of such talented individuals who share the same love of the written word as yourself, and no, I don’t JUST mean the authors. What makes these events so magical are the readers and bloggers who support this ever growing and changing industry. Each and every experience I have had with a reader is memorable. They all make me thankful I have a job in which I get to go to work and create worlds and characters for them to ultimately fall in love with (or sometimes even hate). Signings bring you together with likeminded people, and nothing is more memorable than that! Xx Ella


Sara Jane Stone

I can point to one book signing that is largely responsible for my writing career. And the funny part is, that signing never actually happened. Back when I was working in publishing, I was representing my publisher at a library conference and coordinating author appearances at various events. I had read a few of the authors, but not Suzanne Brockmann. The night, before I was scheduled to meet this bestselling romance author, I picked up her latest installment in Mrs. Brockmann’s Troubleshooter series. And I stayed up until I finished the book. Mrs. Brockmann ended up canceling due to a sudden family emergency. That was probably for the best. Instead of greeting Mrs. Brockmann as a seasoned publishing professional, I would have turned into a total fan-girl operated no sleep. I always look back on that signing that didn’t happen as the moment when I fell in love with contemporary romance. From there I went on to sell romance (including Suzanne Brockmann!) and later to writing my own stories. I’m not sure I would be thirteen books into a career I LOVE without that moment.

Gina L Maxwell

In 2013, I attended the Lovely Ladies & Naughty Books author event in Pittsburgh. There, I was met by a huge group of ladies who are all part of my Maxwell Mob (street team group) and with whom I’d grown very close to in a short period of time online. This was the first time we’d all met in person and I was overwhelmed by their adoration and genuine excitement to meet me. After the signing we all went out for drinks and they presented me with a beautiful framed drawing of a tree, each leaf representing a Mobster with their name and location written in. They also gave me a huge glass jar with encouraging words supplied by members of my Mob written on individual scrolls of paper. It’s like my own jar of daily affirmations from my friends. And to top it off, they created “flat” versions of the Mobsters in our core group who live overseas so that they were included in our group picture. To say it was an emotional and touching experience is an understatement. It’s a signing I’ll never forget. I love my Mobsters!!!


Lauren Blakely

At my last signing, a reader brought me a cute little bunny piggy bank trinket with a miniature book of Big Rock on it. I am always amazed and touched by the efforts that readers go to at signings! So many readers do amazing things at the signings, and any and all of these efforts are so cool!


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    This is so cool! One of my first signings was RT 2015 in Dallas. I was in line to get my book signed by Molly Mcadams and who was in line in front of me? None other than Jennifer L Berg! My mouth dropped open as the only words to come out was “I love Jude!” She was so sweet and signed my author book “Jude loves you too!” Epic!

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