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Best Historical Romance Books: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

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Here’s where I admit I haven’t yet read Outlander.

I know.

It’s been sitting on my dresser in my bedroom for…*counts fingers and toes*…5 years.

Stop your mouth from running because I know I need to read it. I know it’s epic. I know there’s a TV show coming out very soon with sexy Jamie and sexy Claire (I assume they are sexy, right?)

Couples with the fact that I haven’t yet read Outlander and no one here at Smut Book Club is recommending Historical Romance, I lasso’d Junis, a fellow Smut Muffin and all-around incredible review-recommender, to hand over her ideas on why those of us who haven’t yet read this must-read book why we should read it.

^^^see also, run-on sentences^^^

Junis is a prolific reader with some of the best reviews I’ve read. Check out her recommendations and reviews on Goodreads. And who knows, she might be the next columnist I add to my stable. Are you looking for Historical Romance book recommendations? Let me know in the comments!


Outlander by Diana Gabaldon


Heat Rating: Fire
Genre: Historical Romance; Time Travel
Series: Series—Outlander Series

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Outlander Series Reading Order

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Junis Says:
Be prepared to be whisked away to another place and time that feels so real and so right that you can’t stop turning the pages, all 900 of them! When you turn that last page you don’t close it, sigh and say, “Ah, I’m done.” No, you immediately reach for book two. You will! You’ve never experienced anything like this brilliantly written unforgettable tale. Looking for a quick, light read? This is NOT that. This is quality time with a well written story that you won’t want to end. Ironically, it hasn’t.

So unique and different that you won’t be able to put this story into one genre. Is it a romance, fantasy, historical fiction, science fiction or mystery? No one really knows and no one can agree, including bookstores, because you’ll get all of that and more. There’s humor, sorrow, mystery, and lots of steamy scenes throughout. Ugly cry-serious ugly cry, moments that will tear your heart out.

Diana Gabaldon is a master at the art of writing – show don’t tell. Details abound that make you feel, hear, visualize and smell exactly where you are throughout the Outlander and subsequent books in the series. All seven novels, yes, seven are excellent.

There is no denying that the first thirty pages or so will have you debating if this book is for you. Frankly, it starts out slow, however, the details in those pages are relevant. Stop yawning and pay attention. The pace and intrigue begins to pick up when secret Scottish ritualistic activities take place and you’re introduced to the stone circle, also known as the standing stones. BOOM! Clear your mind again and imagine you’re Claire Randall in the very same place yet something is very different. Like 200 years different. Holy crap you’re hooked on the Outlander![/box_light]

Best Historical Romance Outlander

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