Book Boyfriends Shirts and Swag

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Book Boyfriends Shirts and Swag


The Smut Swag is going gangbusters and in seeing all of your excitement for the shirts and swag, I thought, why keep our favorite book boyfriends out of the fun?

I’m even going to customize them for you to have YOUR very own favorite book boyfriends on whatever you want that’s available from Zazzle.

We’ll be accepting requests for specific book boyfriend names for only about two weeks. We’ll do our best to make them available to order within 48 hours after you submit your request (below).

Once a design has been uploaded, anyone is able to order it, so check the store to see if your boyfriends have already been created. You are NOT required to purchase any item by submitting names for a design.

Here’s the first one I created that is available now!

Christian (50 Shades of Grey) &
Gideon (The Crossfire Series) &
Ethan (The Blackstone Affair) &
Jesse (This Man Trilogy)

Book Boyfriend Shirt

Available now! Or create your own below.

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I Cried All The Tears!
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