Dollar Books To Stock Your Virtual Shelves + Giveaway

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Dollar Books To Stock Your Virtual Shelves + Giveaway


Hi. My name is Angie, and I am a 1-click pusher.

*Hiiiii Angieeeee*

I’m out and I’m proud as an addict and a pusher of the “Buy now with 1-Click” button.

It sits so nicely over there on the right side of the page, beckoning us to add that one little book to our Kindles. It’s only $1, right? Or actually, less than a dollar to bring you hours of reading pleasure.

We spend way more than that on a cup of coffee or tea that will last less than 10 minutes, so why not listen to the voice in our heads that tells us to 1-click that bitch.

Because you and I? We’re 1-click addicts, and we’re proud.

Even the book I’m reading today is a $.99 1-clicker (and it’s super good).

Each of the books below are currently listed on for Kindle for $.99. I’ve read each one and included a link to my reviews below the book titles. I highly recommend each one of these books as the starts to series I think you’ll like.

And hey—if you don’t like the book, it was only $.99, right?

Love FREE books? Check out the giveaway below!


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What did the book do to you?
My Panties Combusted!
I Cried All The Tears!
It Blew My Mind!
It's So Sweet!
It Changed My Life!
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