Books That Will Make You Ugly Cry, Volume Two

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Books That Will Make You Ugly Cry, Volume Two


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The popular, previous version of this list — Books That Will Make You Ugly Cry — brought out the fight in many a reader. Like, to the point that these discussions almost came to virtual fisticuffs.

I’m sorry, people! Calm your tits. There was no way to include every single book that ever made us cry and then cry some more! It was a selection of books that made us bawl our eyes out; it wasn’t a definitive list that could never be expanded upon or never deviated.

Jeez. Some people are touchy.

See also: My hormones are hovering on a biblical scale, that with just one nudge, I’ll be rocking in the corner with a melting Dove bar, wearing mesh panties, humming the chorus to Gold Digger.

So really, it’s the perfect time to make a Volume Two of Books That Will Make You Ugly Cry.

Reminder: The 10 books I’m listing here are in addition to the ones we already included in the initial list. If you feel like I’m missing some books that should be on this list, check the other one, too, before you spout off a WTF? comment, pleaseandthankyou.

Please pass the tub of Betty Crocker icing. My Dove bar is gone. And a napkin. And the liquor. And some chips. And a hug.


20 Books That Made Smut Muffins (SBC readers) Cry




If you think I’m missing EVEN MORE books to make you ugly cry, let me know!


What did the book do to you?
My Panties Combusted!
I Cried All The Tears!
It Blew My Mind!
It's So Sweet!
It Changed My Life!
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