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  • DISCLOSURE: SBC, LLC contains affiliate marketing links.

Erotica Author Challenges Her Husband To Read Aloud Her Scenes

A few months ago, one of my all-time favorite smut authors, Tessa Bailey, was challenged by her publisher to read aloud a scene from a fellow author’s book. (video below) Not only was she challenged, but her husband was up for the task he was dared to do as well.

I honestly thought it was one of the funniest things I’ve come across in this sexy smut world. There’s nothing quite like seeing a husband read smut words aloud for a camera when his wife is watching and reading over his shoulder.

Of course, I had to ask Tessa to have her husband read a scene from one of her own books, and it just so happens to be one of my favorites.

The result is salaciously hilarious, and it makes me want to force challenge my own husband to read aloud some smut just for shits and giggles.


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35 thoughts on “Erotica Author Challenges Her Husband To Read Aloud Her Scenes

  1. Angi Johnston

    Staking his Claim and Protecting Whats His. Altho I love them all, I have them all on ebook and now I no longer read the blurbs, if its by Tessa I buy it.

  2. Leslie C

    Love the ending to Staking His Claim! On a side note, my boyfriend grabbed my iPad last night and started reading a sex scene…I was crying I laughed so hard

  3. Charli

    Unfortunately, I haven’t read either of these books but, after hearing that wonderfully-read excerpt, I’m definitely checking them out, especially since I have both of them!!!

    Thanks for the laugh!

    Happy Easter,

  4. Colleen Snibson

    I haven’t read these yet but I loved their reading of the scenes together. It is a lot easier to read a sex scene in your head than to read it aloud.

  5. Suzie

    I’ve read most of Tessa Bailey’s books and just read her latest about Willa, “Unfixable’. Had to go back to read “Staking His Claim’ cause I loved Ginger Peet…

  6. Wilmarie

    I still haven’t read any Tessa’s book. They are sitting in my kindle waiting for me to get to them!

  7. KellyMae

    Honestly, I’m shocked that I don’t. But I like to read these kind of books, so I guess I better get a move on and get some or win one!

  8. Tess H

    Yes, I’ve read books 1 – 4 in the Line of Duty series and I LOVE THEM ALL but if I were to choose, my absolute fav is Asking for Trouble (book 4) because of Brent’s smexy dirty talk – SO FUCKING PANTY-MELTING HOT!!! >.<

  9. Rachel

    I have several of Tessa’s books on my kindle, but haven’t read any of them yet. Guess I need to get started. :)

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