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Excerpt: Spin—Songs of Corruption by CD Reiss + Giveaway

One of my—and many of your—favorite surprise reads of 2013 was Songs of Submission by CD Reiss. It’s a collection of 7 novellas and shorts, telling the D/s story of Jonathan and Monica and introduces many other characters.

It’s incredibly well-written, compelling, and nethers-warming. Jonathan was chosen as Favorite Dominant in the Smut Book Awards 2013, and I have anointed Songs of Submission as a Top 10 of 2013 and a Smut Book Club Certified Favorite.

Basically, I’m telling you that Songs of Submission is a series you must read.

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CD has announced the follow-up series, Songs of Corruption, will feature Theresa Drazen, one of Jonathan’s 7 sisters. Nicknamed “Spin,” the hero of her story promises to be over-the-top hot and dangerous. Being the consummate professional indie writer that she is, CD sent out a teaser chapter of the first full-length novel, Spin, to us as an apology for the delay in publishing Spin.

She is also offering a giveaway to win a $10 Amazon.com gift card. Enter below!

Here’s what CD has to say about Spin and Songs of Corruption:

Songs of Corruption is Theresa Drazen’s story. She’s a nice girl. Polished and refined. Somewhere around chapters two, three, four, her life is shattered, and she meets a super hot mob lawyer named Antonio Spinelli.

From there, all bets are off, and we find out what this woman of grace is really made of.

So, why am I sending you this hunk of story?

Because it’s coming slowly. I’d like to blame the renovations and the kids getting sick and everything else, but the fact is, I forgot how long it takes me to build a new world. I should have known better and set the release date for March.

Now I MIGHT make my 2/24/14 release date, but though hope springs eternal, words sometimes fail. So I’m sending you pieces of this as part apology, and as a way to let you know it will all be worth it.

Lucky us!

Attached is the first chapter of Spin for your reading pleasure.


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