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  • DISCLOSURE: SBC, LLC contains affiliate marketing links.

Never Apologize for What You Like

Never apologize for what you like white

[su_quote]Never apologize for what you like.

Even if you like reading dirty books in secrecy under your desk at work, or in the school parking lot, or while visiting your grandma, or waiting for the pediatrician, or as you sit on the toilet.[/su_quote]

Hi. My name is Angie, and I’m a social-media-and-smut-book-reading addict. Hi…Angie… I’ve been working hard on the magical internet since 2006 when I retired from teaching elementary school to stay at home with my two baby girls. Now, I am a smut peddler. You can follow my nonsense on Twitter and Facebook. Simply, I’m just a girl, looking at the book world, asking it to love her.

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3 thoughts on “Never Apologize for What You Like

  1. Pansy Petal

    Lovely thought! Thank you for sharing it! I am old enough, and ornery enough, that I do take this to heart!

  2. Sarah @ TM2TS

    AMEN! My husband actually got a little iffy on something I shared on FB from my Kindle (Rough Riders), though it doesn’t have the quote there. I’m like “If they don’t like what I share, they’re really not going to like what I DON’T share. Honestly, if they’re going to get pissy about what I’m reading and NOT my political posts, they’re really not people I want to have as friends. :D

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