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Romance Book Sales – August 6 2018

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A Little Note

August – naturally – is Anti-Frizz Month. But for girls like me whose hair looks similar to the girl’s in the image below, every month is anti-frizz month. I say embrace the frizz! 🎀

Last Weekend’s Top Shameless Book Sales


Red & Wolfe 1-4
by Ella James
Regular Price $3.99


King of Wall Street
by Louise Bay
Regular Price $3.99

Today’s Shameless Book Sales

by Alison Aimes
New Release

Mister Romance
by Leisa Rayven
Regular Price $3.99

All You Need is Love
by Marie Force
Regular Price $3.99

by Danielle Norman
Regular Price $1.99

A Shameless Little Con
by Meli Raine
Regular Price $3.99

One Ride: Hellions Motorcycle Club
by Chelsea Camaron
Regular Price $.99


Sugar Mountain: Books 1-3
by Frankie Love
Regular Price $7.99

Carnage: Book #2
by Lesley Jones
Regular Price $3.99

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Pre-Orders You Need

Fighting for What’s His
by Laura Kaye
Release Date 9/6/18

The Red Ledger: Part 3
by Meredith Wild
Release Date 8/7/18

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