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Romance Book Sales – October 1 2018

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Yesterdays’s Top Shameless Book Sales

Make Me Whole
by RC Matthews
Regular Price $4.99

by Melissa Collins
Regular Price $3.99

Today’s Shameless Book Sales

In My Blood
by Angela M Hudson
New Release

Seven Days
by Amber Rayne
Regular Price $2.99

Fourteen Days
by Amber Rayne
Regular Price $2.99

Twenty-One Days
by Amber Rayne
Regular Price $2.99

Little Dove
by Perryen Livingston
New Release

by Helen Hardt
Release Date 10/2/18

Pretty Reckless
by Jane Anthony
Regular Price $2.99

by JM Walker
Regular Price $2.99

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Crossing Hope
by Kimberly Kincaid
Release Date 10/15/18

Blood Bond: 3
by Helen Hardt
Release Date 10/2/18

by Chelle Bliss
Release Date 10/2/18

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