Rosemary Beach Series Reading Order by Abbi Glines

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Rosemary Beach Series Reading Order by Abbi Glines


Even the most dedicated of book fans can get confused on the reading order of their favorite series. We’re big Abbi Glines fans here, and we’re oftentimes perplexed by the series and sub-series going on.

Butt But we’re here to help ourselves and you!

Thanks to Adrian’s organizational skills, here is the Rosemary Beach Series Reading Order by Abbi Glines — all Abbi Glines recommended books, I might add — in all its glory. Each book or sub-series is listed with its main characters to make it even easier on my wee brain.

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Each of the sub-series can be read out of order from the series as a whole, but know that characters cross over throughout the entire saga. 

Too Far Sub-Series (Rush & Blaire) — Rosemary Beach #1-4 

Fallen Too Far
Never Too Far
Forever Too Far
Rush Too Far–alternative POV of Too Far Series; in sequence after Perfection Series

Perfection Sub-Series (Woods & Della) — Rosemary Beach #5-6

Twisted Perfection
Simple Perfection

Chance Sub-Series (Grant & Harlow) — Rosemary Beach #7-8

Take a Chance
One More Chance

Non-Specific Sub-Series — Rosemary Beach #8-15

You Were Mine (Tripp & Bethy)

Kiro’s Emily — Novella (Harlow’s Parents)

When I’m Gone (Mase & Reese)
When You’re Back (Mase & Reese) coming June 30, 2015

The Best Goodbye (Captain) coming October 27, 2015

Title TBA (Nan)

Title TBA (Dean)

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