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Shameless Book Con: Affiliate Sign-Up Info + Bonus!

As you know – or maybe you don’t – Shameless Book Club is hosting an epic get-together of authors and readers in Orlando on October 22nd. Shameless Book Con will be the first major signing event we’ve planned, but definitely not the first major signing event we’ve attended. We know it takes a village to put on a large event like this, and we need your help!

Shameless Book Con 2016

We’ve opened up affiliate signups through Eventbrite in order for you to be able to share the event with your readers and earn a commission off their sales. The standard earning rate for tickets purchased through affiliate links is 10%. But as a special promotion for bloggers and authors, we’re increasing the earning rate to 15% for one week!

From now through Monday, September 26th, promo the author signing and get a bonus commission when attendees purchase through your links. Share your special #SBC16 Eventbrite affiliate links on all of your social media channels, blog, newsletters, and carrier pigeons.

Go now! Sign up to be an affiliate on Eventbrite for Shameless Book Con 2016, and earn a commission for each ticket sold through your link!

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Need some event info to share with your readers? Details about the event are below and on the main Shameless Book Con page. Feel free to use the image above (click for full size) or any other you find on the blog:

What: Shameless Book Con 2016 #SBC16
When: October 22, 2016
Where: Orlando, FL
Who: YOU! …and these awesome authors!
Why: Because you deserve it!

Event Location: DoubleTree by Hilton at Universal Orlando, 5780 Major Blvd, Orlando FL 32819
Hotel Rooms: Click for info on booking your roomfind a roommate here
Tickets: Attendee ticket info is here and below

Facebook: Follow Shameless Book Con on Facebook
Attendee Group: Join the Shameless Book Con Attendee Facebook group
RSVP: Connect to the public event page

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  1. Tina Rask

    When you start signing up vendors for 2017 I want information please. I am locate and I am currently a L.Massage Thp, when the Con happens will also be an Est. (I’ll be doing facials, makeup, micro blade- eye brows, lashes etc etc) but I also sell Premier Designs Jewelry and Skin care/Makeup.

    So, tell me if you are interested in what I have in any form and I will be more then happy to offer that part of me as a vendor.

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