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Shameless Book Con: Costume After-Party Prizes!

Our theme has been announced, our DJ has been booked, and now we’re releasing the prizes for our Be You. Be Shameless. Costume After-Party at Shameless Book Con 2016!

SBC16 Costume After Party Red Mask

We’ve giving away over $400 in cash prizes to the best costumes at the after-party. Here’s a list of the categories we’ll be looking to hand out prizes to, and we’ll be adding a few more before October!

Best Overall – $200

The prettiest, the sexiest, the most creative – our favorite costume overall!

Best Shamelessly Book Inspired – $50

Dress up as your favorite book character, book cover, book author – just make it clear who (or what) you are!

Best Shamelessly Sexy – $25

Let your inner sex kitten out – she’s been clawing at this chance!

Best Shamelessly Kinky – $25

Go all out in your best fetish-wear – where “all out” keeps your bits covered and legal!

Best Shameless Spirit Animal – $25

Kitties, puppies, furries – whatever animal kingdom you’re representing, we want to see!

Best Shamelessly Evil – $25

Are you a villain in disguise? Release her for us!

Best Shameless Fantasy – $25

Vampires, werewolves, and fairies are just some of the ideas you can show off!

Best Shameless Rock Star – $25

Were you born with a mic in one hand and a guitar in the other? Show off your rocker self!

If you have ideas on more costume categories, let us know in the comments below!

Shopping for costumes?

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Get your tickets to Shameless Book Con 2016 now!

Note: VIP tickets include the Costume After-Party.

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3 thoughts on “Shameless Book Con: Costume After-Party Prizes!

  1. Nihcki S

    I just have a quick question about Saturday’s After Party. On the combo ticket info, it says that the After Party is from 8pm-12am. On the individual ticket info it says that the After Party is from 9pm-1am. So which is correct? If the 8pm start is for the VIP ticket-holders, I understand that. But the ending times? I’m a little confused if it’s midnight or 1am?

    I’m trying to determine if I can handle the 12-5 signing and events, the Sparkler from 6-7, then the After Party from 8 (or 9) until 12 (or 1). I’m getting a bit *ahem* older now, and can’t quite party like I used to, lol. But I could rest from 5-6, and from 7-8 (or 9, but by then I may fall asleep! ?) Please let me know so I can figure out which ticket I should buy. Thanks!

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