Time To VOTE! Shameless Book Awards 2017

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Time To VOTE! Shameless Book Awards 2017

Time To VOTE! Shameless Book Awards 2017You’ve been waiting for this day all year, and it’s finally here! The 5th Annual Shameless Book Awards are now open for all of your votes.

for your favorite romance books of 2017!

Excitica: Home for Erotica of All FlavorsExcitica: Home for Erotica of All Flavors

Voting closes on December 11th @ 6pm ET.

Awards announced LIVE on Facebook December 14th at 8pm ET!


Vote as many times as you wanna, though we ask that you don’t spam our ballot.


Get your readers voting for you! Tell ’em it’s a life or death situation! Play the pity card! Save the whales!

Don’t see the ballot below? Go directly to it.


After you vote, enter to win up to $220 in Amazon gift cards!
(Additional sponsors may be added throughout the voting period.)

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