Who Are Our Most-Loved Book Boyfriends?

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Who Are Our Most-Loved Book Boyfriends?


It’s a pretty simple concept:

  1. Girl reads book.
  2. Girl falls in love with book character.
  3. Girl lives happily ever after.

Here are the men in the books we love that we’ve made a part of our happily ever afters!

TitleAuthorBBFLinkFairy Name
AflamePenelope DouglasJared Trenthttp://amzn.to/1F1f0nSAdrian
Archer's VoiceMia SheridanArcher Halehttp://amzn.to/1m1MGnN Marissa
Asking for TroubleTessa BaileyBrent Masonhttp://amzn.to/18FhI3TMarissa
Bared to YouSylvia DayGideon Crosshttp://amzn.to/1rAI2yyNelle
Beautiful DisasterJamie McGuireTravis Maddoxhttp://amzn.to/Z9rcAeAdrian
Beautiful StrangerChristina LaurenMax Stellahttp://amzn.to/1weeE6fNelle
CollideGail McHughGavin Blakehttp://amzn.to/1u6gWXZAdrian, Angie
CreedKristen AshleyTucker Creedhttp://amzn.to/1F4gn62Angie
DecadentShayla BlackDeke Trentonhttp://amzn.to/1DB1bujTheresa
Dirty Rowdy ThingChristina LaurenFinn Robertshttp://amzn.to/1Ft9ZTgNelle, Angie
Dragon BoundThea HarrisonDragoshttp://amzn.to/1ki8oFuMarissa
Fight With MeKristen ProbyNate McKennahttp://amzn.to/1uvd6r0Nelle
Gabriel's InfernoSylvain ReynardGabriel Emersonhttp://amzn.to/1oRabQtNelle
HeroSamantha YoungCaine Carrawayhttp://amzn.to/13nMNHkNelle
In Death seriesJD RobbRoarkehttp://amzn.to/1EsZT77Marissa
Lady LuckKristen AshleyTy Walkerhttp://amzn.to/1p7C8JjAdrian
LothaireKresley ColeLothairehttp://amzn.to/1OHtSYrMarissa
Mageri seriesDannika DarkLogan Crosshttp://amzn.to/1kmTmL4Marissa
Make Me, SirCherise SinclairMaster Marcushttp://amzn.to/1yIy3BiTheresa
Motorcycle ManKristen AshleyKane (Tack) Allenhttp://amzn.to/1padx3XMarissa, Angie
Needing Moore SeriesJulie A RichmanSchooner Moorehttp://amzn.to/1DQU5xlAngie
Night Huntress seriesJeaniene FrostBoneshttp://amzn.to/1Dj4HGoMarissa
On Dublin StreetSamantha YoungBraden Carmichaelhttp://amzn.to/1AFIUdJNelle
PlayKylie ScottMal Eriksonhttp://amzn.to/1kBiowYMarissa, Angie
Reaper's StandJoanna WyldeReece (Picnic) Hayeshttp://amzn.to/1kJUUVW Marissa
RebelSkye JordanWes Lawsonhttp://amzn.to/1EDbxZ2Nelle
RicochetSkye JordanNathan Rykerhttp://amzn.to/13HHBOfMarissa
Rock ChickKristen AshleyLee Nightingalehttp://amzn.to/1g8kyRXAdrian
Rock HardNalini SinghGabriel (T-Rex) Bishophttp://amzn.to/1AUHBt8Marissa
RuinRachel Van DykenWes Michaelshttp://amzn.to/1nYuhNqAdrian
Slow BurnK. BrombergBeckett Danielshttp://amzn.to/1wwVm9pAdrian
Songs of SubmissionCD ReissJonathan Drazenhttp://amzn.to/1ELDNZVMarissa
SpinCD ReissAnonio Spinellihttp://amzn.to/1FYyRiGTheresa
Staking His ClaimTessa BaileyMatt Donovanhttp://amzn.to/1li8MYkNelle
TangledEmma ChaseDrew Evanshttp://amzn.to/1AFUh5lNelle
The Original SinnersTiffany ReiszKingsley Edge*http://amzn.to/1GYwlPoAngie
Thief Tarryn FisherCaleb Drakehttp://amzn.to/1vd6MUgAdrian
Too Far SeriesAbbi GlinesRush Finlayhttp://amzn.to/1oHv7PKMarissa
Too Good SeriesS WaldenDannyhttp://amzn.to/1GXe1DoAngie
Under A Duke's HandAnnabel JosphAidanhttp://amzn.to/1yJ7xbdTheresa
UnfixableTessa BaileyShane Claymorehttp://amzn.to/1v5QkSBAdrian

Who Are Our Most-Loved Book Boyfriends?

What did the book do to you?
My Panties Combusted!
I Cried All The Tears!
It Blew My Mind!
It's So Sweet!
It Changed My Life!
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