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Why The Hell Am I Seeing Blizzards All Over My Timeline?

Why The Hell Am I Seeing Blizzards All Over My Timeline?Why The Hell Am I Seeing Blizzards All Over My Timeline[5/10/16: Updated below]

Wondering why the hell you’re seeing Dairy Queen Blizzards all over your social media timelines?

I’ll do my best to break it down for you.

Authors and cover models have a history of working together to self-promote (seems like an oxymoron, but it’s not) their work. Authors use cover models to promote their books; cover models use authors to promote their modeling careers.

It’s a symbiotic relationship that works for both sides.

Until it doesn’t.

No one expects – or should expect – authors to be held responsible for all of the actions taken by a cover model, and the same goes for the models being held responsible for the actions of an author. But they should each expect a certain level of professionalism and couth, as would any person who is hired by or hires another professional person.

That all fell to shit this weekend when a male cover model took to his Facebook page and self-destructed.

Paul Blake is a cover model and self-proclaimed “Public Figure” who wrote this now-deleted post:

Screenshot 2016-05-09 09.01.04

I’ve read that several times and still can’t put 1 + 1 together to make the shit he said make sense.

I guess that’s what happens when a dumbass blowhard tries to be prophetic and spout his learned knowledge upon the world.

But that alone wasn’t enough to rile up the Book World.

It was THIS gem of a reply (and subsequent comments backing himself up) that dug his grave for him:

Screenshot 2016-05-09 09.01.22

Screenshot 2016-05-09 09.01.35

[updated to add 5/9/16, 12:15pm]

Paul Blake 13094305_10206530338522880_1298177421361865292_n

[updated to add 5/9/16, 5:15pm]

Screenshot 2016-05-09 17.13.47

(I wasn’t quick enough to get my own screenshots of the implosion, so I grabbed these from friends around Facebook.)

Yep, that’s a “professional” cover model telling a woman to “go eat your last Dairy Queen Blizzard and then hang yourself in the closet.”

And then he follows it up by telling another woman to “join your friend” in her trip to DQ and suicide.

Since the virtual Pukestormageddon, the romance book community has rallied its support behind outing this person for his behavior by making their avatars to pictures of Blizzards, models and designers are offering their photos for free, and authors are changing their book covers.

The best thing we can do to eradicate the hate from our lives is to understand what happened and what friends are talking about and then to ERASE THIS PERSON FROM OUR LIVES.

We ignore him and his need for negative attention, but we must also remember why he’s black balled from the community.

Boycotting the authors who have used him on their covers will do nothing to help the cause of spreading information; we’d only be hurting the authors, most of whom are changing the covers.

Here are a few books that have used Paul Blake on their covers:

Cursed Paul Blake B00LAPCIL8
Cursed Ecstasy by T. H. Snyder
Destined (previous cover) by Delisa Lynn (see the current cover here)
Fading Away Paul Blake p374874221-4
Fading Away by JM Witt

Go ahead and share the information and proof of this guys’s bad behavior. We encourage you to never speak his name again. Don’t buy anything he promotes from here on out. (Remember: Don’t boycott these books. It does nothing but hurt the authors.)

That’s how we can show him and people like him that beliefs and behavior like this is unacceptable and just plain stupid.

[section label=”Update 5/10/16″ anchor=”update51016″][updated to add 5/10/16, 3:00pm]

I should have been clearer in this post and on any of my social media posts that he does not deserve to be attacked or bullied. It wasn’t my intention to draw attention away from what he said and his own feelings and into a full-on attack on this guy and his friends and family.

Know that if you attack someone and their family because of their bullying behavior, you are perpetuating the problem by being a bully.

Right before I came here to update this post, I happened to see a post on Paul Blake’s page by someone who says he’s a friend posting on Paul’s behalf:

Screenshot 2016-05-10 14.50.51

I can’t vouch for the validity of this post, but if it’s true, of course he deserves our forgiveness. The guy isn’t evil incarnate. He made some poor decisions and spouted off when he clearly shouldn’t have.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean we should forget his remarks and threats, nor does it mean we should encourage anyone to work with him. It means we recognize that he’s a human being who is (allegedly) admitting he made mistakes.

Bring about a positive change in your life: physical, emotional, psychological, whatever. It’s the best way to fight back against a negative force.

Indeed I said above that his beliefs and behavior are stupid. I still believe they are.

I also called him a “dumbass blowhard,” and after his 2+ days of stupid behavior and then his apology, I’m sure even he would agree that my description is accurate.

Those are my words directly referring to his exact actions. I am not focusing my disappointment in his behavior on attacking his looks, his wife, his personal life, nor am I doing anything to harm his daily life. Those things would be bullying.

And yes, he’s right: two wrongs don’t make a right.

I say we move along and forgive.

Featured Image By m01229 [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons


Hi. My name is Angie, and I’m a social-media-and-smut-book-reading addict. Hi…Angie… I’ve been working hard on the magical internet since 2006 when I retired from teaching elementary school to stay at home with my two baby girls. Now, I am a smut peddler. You can follow my nonsense on Twitter and Facebook. Simply, I’m just a girl, looking at the book world, asking it to love her.

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22 thoughts on “Why The Hell Am I Seeing Blizzards All Over My Timeline?

  1. Faith

    Outrageous!!! I’ve been following and I can’t help but wonder if this man has some serious mental issues. Not that it excuses his behavior in any way, shape or form, but that it might at least provide a reason.

    On my own personal petty note, he’s not really good looking!! Yes, he has a nice body that he’s worked hard for but there ain’t nuthin’ he can do ’bout dat face!! He should have been photoshopped!!

    The positive I see in all of this is that we can band together to send a message to this jackass, and anyone in the future, that we will not stand for this shaming. Also, that a blizzard sounds pretty good right now!!!

  2. Sarah Hegger

    Thank you for reiterating that boycotting the books will hurt the authors, not the cover model. I’m still shaking my head at all this. I’ve met a number of cover models and found them to be such nice human beings. Surprisingly modest and down to earth considering their undeniable physical beauty. I also think its worth mentioning that he is very much the minority. I don’t get how someone can be this kind of nasty.

  3. Danielle

    I bought one of the books he is on the cover of and honestly im about to paste somebody’s face over his because I dont even wabt to look at him.

  4. Desire

    Incase you didnt see it, here is another reason no author should ever use this piece of shit on a cover again. Here’s what he really thinks of us authors. and no this isnt my pm, I’m not sure who the author who pm’ed him was but hes a freaking tool. http://i68.tinypic.com/2mrbpl4.jpg

  5. Ruth Muller

    What an awful, vile and despicable thing to say! He’s a jerk who needs to make other people feel bad so he can feel good.

  6. Kimberly T

    Don’t boycott the authors! Especially since most of the covers he’s on are most likely going to be redone! I love how the good models are stepping up and offering their services for free or at a reduced rate to re-shoot them.

  7. Liza

    Did anyone report the post to Facebook by any chance? Especially the one where he told someone to go kill themselves. Supposedly Mark Z is big on no bullying on FB and I’m thinking this definitely constitutes beyond bullying. I’m so glad the romance community has rallied around each other once again to protect everyone.

  8. Drew

    It’s probably best that he’s a cover model instead of an author since he seems to be virtually illiterate.

  9. Elle Boon

    I was absolutely appalled by his behavior. I unfriended/unfollowed after the train wreck and made a post. Of course, he then blocked me lol. Bless his heart. I went out and bought these books above to support a fellow author because you’re right. It’s not their fault they have a porchdick on their covers. Hopefully they take advantage of the offers from Shauna Cruse, and the numerous models with integrity of getting their services to replace his image.

    We as a community stood up and gave a voice to the ones he was shaming and I am proud to have been a part.

    Elle Boon

  10. Charlene M. Martin Author

    Thank you for your support and letting people know that boycotting the authors won’t hurt him, but the authors. It’s not fair. And it sucks that someone has to be this horrible, but I hope that we can stick together, and move forward now.

  11. Jenny

    That face?!! He’s fugly and I can’t comprehend why anyone would want that on their cover! Jerks ugly inside and out! His body isn’t even nice?!

  12. Lyssa

    I’m just wondering why it took this long for the romance community to blacklist this guy. A quick scroll through his Facebook page reveals him to be anti-LGBT, a Sept. 11 conspiracy theorist, and a hateful bigot who refers to families on welfare as “ghetto.” Any of that, along with his repeated reference to women as “bitches,” should have taken him out of the running for any book cover a long time ago.

  13. Vanessa

    So wait, I’m not saying any form of bullying is right…not ever….but if people are attacking his wife based on her weight, does that imply that she has a weight issue herself? And she’s married to this person who has nothing but hatred to spread? I can’t wrap my head around it all. I hope that apology was really from him and he has learned a lesson from all of this and that people still respond by not using his services going forward out of principle. Forgive, maybe, Forget, No

  14. Aimee L. Salter

    I love most of what youve said here, with the exception that calling someone a “dumbass blowhard” is neither personal, nor bullying. As a former victim of intense bullying, and an anti-bullying advocate for teens, I can tell you that your attitude in that statement undermines mybrespect for the rest of this accurate, and fairly balanced article. I’d ask you to reconsider this mindframe. Calling someone’s actions deplorable isn’t bullying. Calling them names is.

  15. Becca

    What bothered me wasn’t even the original post about weight. Everyone has their own opinions and are more than welcome to them. My issues came about when he started telling people (multiple based on messages and comments) to kill themselves. He also said that he went to jail for silencers and basically threatened a woman. While I do believe we all have bad days and we all make mistakes…this one was a bit much for me. His apology (if that is really from him) doesn’t even mention these things.

    The things he said on that day were awful. It took me quite a while to figure out how to handle my thinking on him. Paul made some really bad choices that day (I say day because it wasn’t just one post or one comment. It was messages and comments on Instagram and Facebook.) and I’m not sure that I could ever look at him the same again. However, I do believe in forgiveness and I also think it is wrong that his family is having to deal with the blow back.

    Two wrongs definitely don’t make a right. If you are unhappy with the things that have happened then unfollow him, I did. Sharing the posts about what he did, in my opinion, is okay. However, a lot of people that had no idea who Paul Blake was now do…and probably not for a reason he is very proud of.

    I’m just not sure that his apology covers everything that he did wrong and I’m not sure that he understands how awful the things he said were. How much pain and damage they can do. It’s not about the weight…again, I’ll say that everyone has varying opinions on weight and if it’s okay to be ‘big and proud’ or ‘stick thin’. I understand that this apology is supposed to show us that he knows that he messed up…I’m just not sure if it’s too little too late.

  16. Nihcki S

    I’m late reading this but have a question. What did Lori Garside post in the first place that this Paul character (who I can’t BELIEVE is a cover model; definitely not my cuppa!) attacked her for? I don’t do Facebook for many reasons, and this is one excellent example. How much time and attention was wasted on this guy? For DAYS?

    Why did he address his post to the world at large instead of directing his bizarre statement to the individual posting memes on his page? It comes across, to me, that someone was posting stuff on his page about fat being where it’s at, so to speak. And plenty of men prefer “curvy” women, or the “BBW” shape, to use a romance novel term, and that shape was glorified in ancient Rome. Women are supposed to be soft and curvy, traditionally speaking, and men are supposed to be hard and flat (in the torso area). Again, I don’t do Facebook so I don’t know how it works, but seriously? I find this utterly ridiculous that people put any stock in this goofy-looking man’s opinions about anything.

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