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You Should Be Ashamed If You Haven’t Read These Books

I feel sorry for you if you haven’t read the books on this list. shame!

I’m genuinely sorry for your life choices. shame!

But then I also have to feel sorry for myself on behalf of my Smut Fairies because I haven’t yet read all of the books they think I should read. shame!

These books are so amazingly good, there’s no plausible reason they shouldn’t be more popular. shame!

Yes, I see the hypocrisy of calling out shameful behavior on a blog named Shameless Book Club. don’t care.

I am shamelessly shameful.

Furreal though, read these under appreciated books. With under (or barely over) 200 reviews on Amazon, we’re baffled why more of you aren’t reading these books.


Kick: Perdition Series #1[/one_fifth]

Use: Perdition Series #2[/one_fifth]

God Shaped Hole: A Novel[/one_fifth]

Henry’s End[/one_fifth]

Fated (Shadow Mountain Book 1)[/one_fifth_last]

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Off Base[/one_fifth]


Just Human[/one_fifth]

Still Human[/one_fifth]

The Education of Sebastian & The Education of Caroline[/one_fifth_last]

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Readers (aka Smut Muffins) Think You Should Read These


Bitter Spirits (Book 1)[/one_fifth]

A Better Man (Book 1)[/one_fifth]

The Art of D/s Trilogy[/one_fifth]

The Trio’s Trilogy: 69 Bottles Books 1-3[/one_fifth]

Clipped Wings (Book 1)[/one_fifth_last]

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Unbearable: A Dark Erotic Romance[/one_fifth]


Road to Royalty (Lost Kings MC Box Set)[/one_fifth]

Sweet Agony[/one_fifth]

Crushed Seraphim (Book 1)[/one_fifth_last]

You Should Be Ashamed If You Haven't Read These Books Pin

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One thought on “You Should Be Ashamed If You Haven’t Read These Books

  1. Cheri MorningStar

    Admonish me as I’ve missed most of these due to the price. Copied the list and will wait for a sale. I’m good at that.
    Thanks for posting this

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