You Should Be Ashamed If You Haven’t Read These Books

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You Should Be Ashamed If You Haven’t Read These Books


I feel sorry for you if you haven’t read the books on this list. shame!

I’m genuinely sorry for your life choices. shame!

But then I also have to feel sorry for myself on behalf of my Smut Fairies because I haven’t yet read all of the books they think I should read. shame!

These books are so amazingly good, there’s no plausible reason they shouldn’t be more popular. shame!

Yes, I see the hypocrisy of calling out shameful behavior on a blog named Shameless Book Club. don’t care.

I am shamelessly shameful.

Furreal though, read these under appreciated books. With under (or barely over) 200 reviews on Amazon, we’re baffled why more of you aren’t reading these books.

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Off Base


Just Human

Still Human

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Readers (aka Smut Muffins) Think You Should Read These


Clipped Wings (Book 1)

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Sweet Agony

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