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Better by S. Walden

+ Favorite Quotes

“I don’t want her to know anything.”
“What? So you can corrupt her?”
“No. I just like her innocence.”
“Yeah, so you can corrupt it.”
“This is how it’s gonna go,” he began. “I’m gonna rip that shirt right off you. I’m gonna put my hands all over your body. I’m gonna eat your pussy ‘til you come. And then I’m gonna bend you over this chair here and fuck you so hard you see stars.”

Better Quote

[divider] [box_light]2nd in the Good series—Reading Order
1: Good ★★★★★
2: Better


Hi. My name is Angie, and I’m a social-media-and-smut-book-reading addict. Hi…Angie… I’ve been working hard on the magical internet since 2006 when I retired from teaching elementary school to stay at home with my two baby girls. Now, I am a smut peddler. You can follow my nonsense on Twitter and Facebook. Simply, I’m just a girl, looking at the book world, asking it to love her.

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5 thoughts on “Better by S. Walden

  1. s. Walden

    Hey Angie,

    Thanks so much for your review of Better. You totally boosted my ego this morning :) Glad I could give you a hot sex scene, but more importantly, I’m glad I gave you a sequel you felt did the series justice. I really appreciate your support of my work.

    xo Summer

  2. Arlene

    OMG – I am salivating, foaming at the mouth – CANNOT WAIT!! Loved Good and from what I can see I am going to LOVE Better even more!!!

  3. Jan Richard

    I am half way thru the first book, it is amazing, you have the book blurb and you know what’s going to happen and you want it to happen and you can’t look away

  4. Laura Ashlee

    It was this review that got me to immediately bu the first book. Of course, I read almost all of it in one sitting. As soon as I was done with it, I had to have Better IMMEDIATELY. Thank you so much for this recommendation. I’m loving S. Walden almost as much as Tiffany Reisz, and that is saying something.

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