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I am TOTALLY jealous of Bob and his beautiful connection with Tilly, Cris and Lan. I'll admit this is my very first read by Tymber Dalton, and now that I have finished and loved Bob's story, I will rewind and read the other books that have led to Borderline. Tymber painted a very realistic view on BDSM relationships and the dynamics between Master and Pet. Trust, honesty, friendship and the deepest form of love. Bravo, Tymber Dalton. [November 2017]

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My first by Tymber Dalton but will most certainly not be my last. A BDSM love story at its finest.

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Simply a matter of training. Good pets like it when their owners train them.
You belong to me. You’re home, boy. Exactly where you belong and with whom you belong.
He dropped to his knees and bowed, pressing his lips to the tops of Landry’s feet, nuzzling them. The sadist chuckled as he reached down and tousled Bob’s hair. “That’s my very good boy. Isn’t this better? Knowing that life is now exactly as it should be?” For the first time in his adult life, Bob truly felt completely at peace. “Yes, Master. I love you.” The sadist sighed, happy. “I love you,too, boy. Always and forever”

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About the Author

Tymber Dalton (the better-known “wild child” alter ego of writer Lesli Richardson) is the award-winning, bestselling author of over one hundred books such as “Love Slave for Two,” “The Reluctant Dom,” the Suncoast Society series, the Triple Trouble series, the Drunk Monkeys series, the Good Will Ghost Hunting series, and more. She also writes as Tessa Monroe and Macy Largo for Siren-BookStrand. Active in the BDSM lifestyle, the skeet-shooting, DnD-playing native Floridian resides in the Tampa Bay area with her author husband, Jon Dalton, and too many animals.
She lives in her own little world, but it’s okay, because they all know her there

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Bob discovered the joys of serving a dominant woman in college. Later, he felt adrift and alone, until he started seeing Mistress Cardinal. For three years, he faithfully followed her rules, secretly in love with her, thinking he'd never be more than her client.

Until the day he realized he was more, and Tilly opened a little of her heart to him. Happiness had literally been within his grasp, until Tilly's ex, Cris, and his Master, Landry, entered her life and swept her away. Despite the pain, Bob still loved her, and jumped at any chance to play or serve her. Even submitting to Landry, the man who became her husband.

But what happens when a tricky sadist has a sneaky plan of his own? What happens when Bob has a chance to cross that borderline from plaything to pet? Can he accept Landry's terms, or will he have to walk away from the only woman he's ever really loved?
~Theresa [4 1/2 Stars]



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About The Author
Theresa Harrell

When I was 17 I was handed a copy of The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice and so began my love of literature and my passion for smut! Now I’m a peddler of the good word. Lover of the Alpha Males and non-lover of the cliffy. When I’m not hugging my kindle you can find me on a Yoga Mat somewhere. Visit my Diddle Me This adult toy column. Recommendations for your pleasure.

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