Dirty Rich One Night Stand by Lisa Renee Jones

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Dirty Rich One Night Stand by Lisa Renee Jones

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This book grabbed me from the start and refused to let go. The dynamic between Cat and Reese as they fall deeper into each other kept me hooked through the entire book. Their chemistry is off the charts hot, and watching them prep their court case was way hotter than it should have been. Not to mention there's something super sexy about a man who knows what he wants and goes after it, even when what he wants isn't terribly sure that she wants him back! Add in the mystery they are trying to solve, and this book has something to offer for everyone. ~Jean [January 2018]

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A super hot romance with some mystery thrown in offers something for everyone!!! ~Jean [4.5/5 stars]

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Reese. Naked. Hard all over, especially his cock. My tongue licking, and stroking the soft skin covering hard steel. That is where this night, and a coffee shop encounter, has taken me and us.
She arches into me, and I wrap her leg with mine, holding her, allowing her no chance to hold back. I’m different with Cat. I feel it. I don’t understand it,  but I don’t care. I’m in this, I want this. I want her and I cup her perfect little ass and angle her into me, thrusting as I do. She gasps, arching upward, he fingernails digging into my shoulders, her sex clenching around me, and it drives me wild.


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That's all it was supposed to be. Her. Him. Pleasure. And then a fast goodbye. He's a stranger. And yet, he's not. She knows him even though he doesn’t know her.
He's the powerful attorney, now world-renowned after coming off the trial of a century which was publicized across the country. And I'm one of the reporters that sat in his courtroom.
I watched him, studied him, got to know him from afar which isn't hard since I know his exact brand of confidence, arrogance, and wealth.
I know his type. I've dated his type. Which is why when I happen to come face to face with him, when sparks fly and heat simmers between us, I know what happens if I say "yes" to Reese Summer.
I know he'll taste like sin and sex, even before he kisses me.
I know he'll feel like pleasure and passion, even before he touches me.
I know he'll demand more than I wants to give, and yet, because I dare to give myself to him, the result will be deliciously hot.
I know that I will not leave his bed without being utterly, completely sated.
And I know that I will leave the next morning anyway.
And so, I do.
And so, he follows.
And as the chase begins my question becomes: Is Reese Summer THE one or is he really just a dirty, arrogant lie that should have stayed a one night stand?





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