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Five Card Studs by Madison Faye

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Five. Not one or two or three... but FIVE beautifully dominant men who adore one woman, Tess. Gaige, Dane, Noah, Luke and Vince are all owners of the hottest new club in New York and Tess is the lucky new bartender. She starts her journey with two and ends up with ALL five hotties! This book is MOLTEN hot and TBH, I read, for the first time in a LONG time, with ONE HAND! (Mhmm, that's right, the other hand was busy!) Do yourself a favor and one click! I'll expect a thank you later!~ Theresa [December 2017]

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Five gorgeous, dominant bad boys, and they want to share. I’m about to get dealt the luckiest hand of my life…~Tess

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Slowly, we stand, holding her tight and sandwiching her tight between us. I kiss her slowly, letting her taste her own sweetness on my lips and groaning as she kisses me harder for it. “Okay, what was that?” She gasps, a huge smile on her face as she buries it in my broad chest. “That, beautiful, was just us getting started.
I needed to mark you,” he growls, grinning at me as he slowly kisses me deeply. “The five us do share, but for now —for this moment —you’re mine.” I melt into him, and I’m opening my lips to kiss him when suddenly, I freeze. “I’m sorry, did you just say five?” Vince grins, his brows arching wickedly. “Me, Gaige, Dane, Noah, and Luke. The five us are closer than brothers, and also the co-owners of Lume.” There are five of them. My pulse skips a naughty, dirty beat as his eyes burn right into mine. “There are five us that own this place, Tess. And we all share everything.

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I’ve been a bad girl. Well, I haven’t yet, but I think I’m about to be. You see, there’s this guy at work I’ve been crushing on. The only problem?

It’s not one guy.

…It’s five.

Five gorgeous, possessive, powerful men. Oh, right, and they’re my bosses - the owners of the hottest new bar in New York City and the undisputed champions of the underground poker club beneath it.

There’s Gaige, the panty-melting flirt, and Dane, the ridiculously hot tease. Noah’s got a filthy mouth and a wicked tongue, and he knows how to use it. Luke’s the extra big guy of the bunch, in every sense of the word. And then there’s Vince, whose dark eyes and growling voice make me want to drop to my knees and say yes sir.

Five teasing mouths. Ten tantalizing hands. Five big, huge, uh, decks? I mean, how’s a girl to choose?

Unless she doesn’t have to.

…Unless they want to share.

Life’s a gamble, and sometimes, you’ve gotta bet big. But something tells me I’m about to get very very lucky…



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About The Author
Theresa Harrell
When I was 17 I was handed a copy of The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice and so began my love of literature and my passion for smut! Now I'm a peddler of the good word. Lover of the Alpha Males and non-lover of the cliffy. When I'm not hugging my kindle you can find me on a Yoga Mat somewhere. Visit my Diddle Me This adult toy column. Recommendations for your pleasure.
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