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Hydraulic Level Five by Sarah Latchaw

[box_light]1st in the Hydraulic Level Five series
1: Hydraulic Level Five
2: Skygods—Unknown release date[/box_light]

Hi. My name is Angie, and I’m a social-media-and-smut-book-reading addict. Hi…Angie… I’ve been working hard on the magical internet since 2006 when I retired from teaching elementary school to stay at home with my two baby girls. Now, I am a smut peddler. You can follow my nonsense on Twitter and Facebook. Simply, I’m just a girl, looking at the book world, asking it to love her.

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One thought on “Hydraulic Level Five by Sarah Latchaw

  1. lisa

    I had a hard time with the beginning of this book. Very slow and confusing. It got better for me when Samuel started to change his writing. I couldn’t put it down after that. Cannot wait for the next one.

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