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One More Night by Lauren Blakely

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You know what we need in life, more Clay and Julia. Everything looked great for them at the end of After This Night, but it turns out things are not as they seem. Our hot-as-blazes couple takes a trip to Sin City and do they sin! I love that Lauren brings the sex AND the intrigue to this post-HEA story. Highly Recommended [August 2014]

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Lauren Blakely brings the sex AND the intrigue to One More Night

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I know where those pearls have been, and it makes me so fucking hard to see them on you in public.
Then he cuffed her, held her wrists behind her back in one hand, grabbed hold of her hair in the other and delivered more joy to her as he took her bent over the bed, the only man who would ever make her feel this way, the only man who would could fuck her when she was on all fours and still make her feel like a queen.

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Your presence is requested for another installment in the tale of Julia and Clay, two red-hot lovers. Come inside their world of passion and suspense once more for a deliciously erotic and heart-poundingly dangerous story of pearls, handcuffs, thieves, mobsters, poker and pleasure in the city of sin...

Happy endings don't come easily. They're hard-won and Clay Nichols is going to have to keep earning his...Now living together in New York with her debt safely paid off, sexy bartender Julia Bell and hot-as-hell entertainment lawyer Clay thought their future was clear sailing.

But life doesn't work that way and the fiery lovers run into a slew of new challenges as Clay tries to put a ring on it. Trouble looms in every corner-trouble from clients, trouble with timing, and, most of all, trouble from her past returns on their trip to Vegas. A dangerous man who knows much more about Julia than he should surfaces in Sin City where they're supposed to be enjoying a weekend getaway. Following her in the casino, watching her every move at the pool, targeting her as she plays poker.

Too bad Clay is called away repeatedly, leaving Julia alone in a sprawling hotel full of dark corners, back rooms, and unsavory characters. Can Clay save her from danger one more time, and then finally get down on one knee? Or will he be too late for the woman he adores?



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Nelle is a quiet, unassuming, yet bossy bitch who works in downtown Manhattan. Her hobbies include smut reading and recommending, luxury travel, celebrity gossip, deal hunting and keeping up with Real Housewives’ shenanigans. She also enjoys fussing over her dog and her condo. She’s always on the search for the Best Book Ever. The Best Book Ever will have her Trifecta (heat/heart/humor) and she doesn’t mind a dose of danger or suspense.