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To Dare a SEAL by Sara Jane Stone

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Sara Jane Stone does it again with To Dare a SEAL. Sexy, soulful and funny she brings the wit and the heat to Natalie and Jack's story. ~ Nelle [November 2015]

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Sexy, soulful and funny Sara Jane Stone brings the wit and the heat to Natalie and Jack's story.

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Favorite Quotes

“When was the last time someone told you a dirty story?” he asked, his voice dropping low. “A story so naughty you wanted to slip your hand under your clothes and touch yourself?”
“Once upon a time, there was a warrior princess,” he began, “who challenged a prince to a chocolate-covered orgasm duel.”
“Natalie, don’t even think about crossing the finish line without me,” he said. “I like watching you. Hell, I love it. But I don’t want to walk out of here until I’ve felt you fall apart while I’m buried deep inside you.”

Sin City SEALs Reading Order

  1. To Tempt a SEAL
  2. To Dare a SEAL

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Playing best man in his teammate's Las Vegas wedding is not U.S. Navy SEAL Jack Barnes' idea of a vacation-especially when the maid-of-honor is the one woman who knows how to push his buttons. Now his teammates are taking bets on whether he'll end up in the fiery bartender's bed. Not one to turn away from a challenge, Jack vows to seduce Natalie Lewis. And he'll do so on his terms-demanding complete control.

The tantalizing SEAL may have a hand-over-your-panties smile and a body she'd love to explore, but there's no way Natalie's falling into his bed. No, she's going to get revenge. After bringing Jack to his knees with a series of Sin City dares, she'll walk away. It's the perfect plan-until it backfires. Beneath his devil-may-care attitude, Jack's unbridled desire proves irresistible. But he also requires the one thing Natalie can't give. Control.




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About The Author
Nelle is a quiet, unassuming, yet bossy bitch who works in downtown Manhattan. Her hobbies include smut reading and recommending, luxury travel, celebrity gossip, deal hunting and keeping up with Real Housewives' shenanigans. She also enjoys fussing over her dog and her condo. She's always on the search for the Best Book Ever. The Best Book Ever will have her Trifecta (heat/heart/humor) and she doesn't mind a dose of danger or suspense.