Assumption: Underground Kings by Aurora Rose Reynolds

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Assumption: Underground Kings by Aurora Rose Reynolds

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“What I do know is I want this,” his finger presses lightly into my chest above my heart, “more than I’ve wanted anything, and that right there tells me everything I need to know.”
“Since you’ve been here, this has become my home, but before you, it was a place I slept at night.  You have given me a reason to come home.” 
Part of me wants to jump up, wrap my legs around his hips, and grind myself into him.  The other part of me wants to kick him in the nuts and scream in his face for having the power he has.
She’s not what I expected.  She’s not what I wanted, but fuck me if she’s not what I need.

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Publisher Synopsis

a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof

They say when you assume that you make an ass out of you and me.
Kenton Mayson learned this lesson first hand when he made assumptions about Autumn Freeman and the kind of woman she is based on what little information he had. What he finds out is she’s not only beautiful, but also smart, funny, a fighter, and exactly the kind of woman he wants to share his life with. Autumn made assumptions of her own about Kenton, and now he needs to prove her wrong in order to protect her and their future.





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About The Author

My first foray into the Romance genre came my freshman year in high school English, where the teacher had us all read books from several different genres. So, my first book boyfriend and PnR introduction, if you will, was Richard Merlin, from The Wizard of Seattle. Prior to that, I’d only read Fantasy or Sci-fi, with a little teen horror thrown in for angst. I was reading The Vampire Diaries decades before it was even a twinkle in the eyes of the producers. Now, I am addicted to PnR, always reading at least one book a week about vamps, wolves, angels, demons, Fae, or overall magic.