Operation One Night Stand by Christine Hughes

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Operation One Night Stand by Christine Hughes

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This is the perfect book to read when you're looking for something sweet and easy. It has all of the elements of a perfect modern romance. It's sweet, fun, funny and super sexy!! Caroline and her two best friends could be my best friends. Get it before your next trip to the beach! [June 2015]

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Operation One Night Stand s the perfect combination of sweet, sexy and fun!

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Fuck it, I thought.  If I am going to embrace my inner slut, I may as well bear hug her till she can’t breathe.
Regardless of my feelings on the subject, I was a girl who’d just been banged to within an inch of her life and had the ice pack on her crotch to prove it.

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Caroline Frost had it all-until her boyfriend banged the superskank intern, and poof! Caroline's happy little bubble disappeared. Now it's been six weeks of weeping, a mountain of ice cream, and a permanent buttprint on the couch. Enough is enough. She and her ladybits need an intervention-now.

Enter Operation: One Night Stand: Find a man who is hotness personified and have some much-needed sexy time. The only problem is that Caroline is torn between a flirtatious, well-built guy and the ridiculously hot bartender serving her shots. This was supposed to be all fun and no games, but like the perfect scotch on the rocks, no good fling finishes without a twist . . .



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Adrian Perkins
My romance novel obsession started when I was a kid reading my Mom's Jackie Collins novels. I’m a romance junkie and I like my men to be alpha males and my ladies to be quirky and strong. I need the HEA but it’s OK if it takes 2 or 3 or 10 books to get there. Lee Nightingale is my forever BBF. I’m a Part-time Realtor and full-time Mommy with a husband, 2 kids and 3 cats. I love to travel almost as much as I love to read.