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Single Daddy Scot by Donna Alam

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First, let me say, I had a slight hard time deciphering the language but the Wee Scots Dictionary in the back is PERFECT! Go read that first! I loved the story between single new Dad, Mac, and his newly hired nanny sweet, cheeky Ella. After I read the dictionary in the back, I even enjoyed the different word descriptions! I found myself saying, "Ah, fuck it all to shite" out loud and in my best scottish accent. Hilarious! Want a hot, humor filled read with a little bit of kink throw in? This is the one for you!! Plus there is a BONUS read in the back as well! Looking forward to your next one, Donna!. ~ Theresa [December 2017]

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Single dad and nanny romance that is both humorous and hot!

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Darlin’, I’d like to show you all the ways. The long and the hard. The sweet and the slow. The ways that have you bent over the back of the sofa or your back flush against the shower wall. I shake my head, dislodging the images of all that dark hair spread out across my pillow, her skin all flushed, and her mouth open in a soft ‘O’. One hand pinching her pink nipple, the other wrapped tight in my hair as, buried between her legs, I’d bring her to the brink of orgasm without letting her go.
 He works me wetly, the lewd sounds joining those of my pleasure as I cry out, the tone changing as my body edges orgasm. I’m close—so close, my cries taking on the edge of pain as his fingers slip from between my legs. But I don’t have a moment to suffer as, with a groan of appreciation, Mac’s tongue slips between my legs. One long lick and my fingernails are scraping the leather, my thoughts scattering. His hands spread me, his tongue swiping me again and again before he buries himself between my splayed legs. I’m no expert in the realms of sex, but I would have never imagined something could feel so all consuming. So intense. Between his flicking tongue and kissing lips, there’s the brush of stubble. The hint and threat of teeth. His whispered words of how I taste so sweet. How he can’t wait to fuck me. To fill me. How I’m his from now on to keep.  


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#1 Rule of nannying?
Don’t screw the daddy.

It doesn’t matter that he’s single.
Or that he’s more God-Bod than Dad Bod.
Or that he’s got that whole rugged Scottish thing going on.
He’s off limits.
Gruff and complicated.
And he recently rearranged his life for a son he never knew he had.

The last thing he needs is a twenty three year old V-card holder lusting after him.
So if that’s the case, why does he look at me like he’s about to tear off my clothes?

Single Daddy Scot is a scorching hot and hilarious full length standalone romance of 72,000+ words.
No cliffhanger, no cheating, and a HEA!



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About The Author
Theresa Harrell
When I was 17 I was handed a copy of The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice and so began my love of literature and my passion for smut! Now I'm a peddler of the good word. Lover of the Alpha Males and non-lover of the cliffy. When I'm not hugging my kindle you can find me on a Yoga Mat somewhere. Visit my Diddle Me This adult toy column. Recommendations for your pleasure.
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