Breaking Belle (Princess After Dark Book 2) by Isabella Starling

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Breaking Belle (Princess After Dark Book 2) by Isabella Starling

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If you have a Disney princess fantasy of the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast, this is the read for you! Isabella Starling writes a sexy take following Belle, who was taken from her family because they owed a debt to Dominic Blackwood, the beast. He spends his days luring her in. Enticing her. Seducing her. But will she cave? Will she love the beast in the end? All in all, a delicious read and I'm looking forward to the next by Isabella Starling!! ~ Theresa [January 2018]

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A hot retelling of the fairytale that will draw you in and make you cheer for the beast to gain the love of his princess.

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 She mewled and I held her close, our lips connecting desperately, giving each other what we needed and taking more with every lick and suck. I’d never fucked like this—made love like this. Like we were part of one being, like she shared every bit of my pain, like I knew every second of her life when she’d been truly happy. We were one, we were invincible. And I needed to mark the moment. “I’m going to fucking knock you up,” I said into her ear. “So you remember this… So you remember what it feels like to be fucked by a monster.  
“This is Sarah,” he said, stepping aside to reveal a small woman with a friendly smile. “She’ll help you.” I gave the woman an untrusting look, and she smiled. She seemed nice enough, but I didn’t know her. I’d barely gone out of our house for the past few years. I was homeschooled. And now I was here, with people I didn’t know, who could use me any way they wanted to. “W-why not you?” I surprised myself by asking the question, and it hung in the air as Dominic came towards me, grabbing hold of a strand of my hair and pulling, hard. I gasped as he twirled my hair around his fingers. “Because,” he said roughly. “I don’t trust myself with you.” “You want to hurt me,” I breathed. “I do,” he growled, a beastly grin taking over his handsome face. “And I will. But not before you beg for it, beautiful.”

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This is no fairytale. This is your worst nightmare.
And I am the beast that will break you.

My past is broken. Shattered. Everyone I ever loved, gone.
I will never let myself love anyone again.

Not until her... Belle Dalton, the daughter of a man who owes me more than he could ever pay.
She shocks me by volunteering to take the fall for her family. Come home with me, and submit to my every whim and desire.

Belle is scared, and she should be. I'm not a nice man, and I'm not going to be kind.
She is too hard to resist. A sweet little virgin I can't wait to sink my teeth into.

Belle can run, but she can't hide from the monster inside me.
But maybe, just maybe, she can learn to love a beast...

Dangerous, filthy-mouthed alpha with twisted intentions and a heart of gold? Coming right up. A sweet little virgin just for him? You know it. This instalove novella will make you shiver. It's a little bit dark, a whole lotta dirty, and has a sprinkle of magic that will make you fall in love as the Beast falls for the Beauty. Quick, smutty and delicious - HEA guaranteed, NO cliffhanger, NO cheating and a standalone story. It's all you wished for this holiday season.



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About The Author
Theresa Harrell
When I was 17 I was handed a copy of The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice and so began my love of literature and my passion for smut! Now I'm a peddler of the good word. Lover of the Alpha Males and non-lover of the cliffy. When I'm not hugging my kindle you can find me on a Yoga Mat somewhere. Visit my Diddle Me This adult toy column. Recommendations for your pleasure.
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