Eventide of the Bear by Cherise Sinclair

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Eventide of the Bear by Cherise Sinclair

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Classic Cherise Sinclair: highly anticipated and, as always, delivered the suspenseful, sweet, and sexy love story we have come to expect from her. There was heartbreak and hardship along the way, with interspersed bits that were heartwarming, and sexy—of course there was sexy. Ben and Ryder were domineering, and protective in that frustrating way that alpha males tend to be, yet also sweet and caring. As far as menages go, being the filling in a Ben and Ryder sandwich is definitely where I'd like to be. Sadly, that spot has been taken by Emma. I absolutely loved this book—and the whole series—especially the super satisfying resolution to the conflict, and highly recommend 1-clicking right away!

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  • Hour of the Lion
  • Winter of the Wolf
  • Eventide of the Bear
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    Publisher Synopsis

    She risked her life to save a human child. Pain was her reward.

    All her life, Emma longed for someone to love. Instead, disaster sees the brand-new bard banished from her people for long lonely years. Injured saving a child, the werebear has to steal food from humans, breaking shifter Law. The territory’s Cosantir and his lethal grizzly warrior catch her in the act. To her surprise, she’s healed and welcomed. Obviously, they don’t know her past. But oh, she can’t resist being around other shifters—especially the captivatingly powerful warrior. Maybe she can stay…just a little while.

    As a grizzly warrior, Ben is ordered to house the pretty werebear until she heals. His littermate abandoned him, his home is empty, and he’s been alone for a long time. Intelligent and sweet and lushly curved, Emma is a delight…even if she is oddly reticent about her past. Although having sworn off females, he’s sorely tempted by this one. Damned if he doesn’t want to keep her, secrets or not.

    Females were trouble. Years past, one split Ryder from his littermate. Now the panther shifter is returning to Ben, bringing his cub with him, a four-year-old he stole from the abusive female. To Ryder’s annoyance, his brother is sheltering a wounded bear. A female. Even worse, she’s beautiful and gentle and loving—damned if he’s going to fall for that act again. But when the dark of the moon arrives and death reigns supreme, he’ll discover that not all females are alike.

    In a world filled with hellhounds and pixies, can three lonely shifters and one silent cub create a new family together?



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    About The Author
    Lina Sacher

    Lina is a lover of alpha males, smutty lit, and alpha male smutty lit—of the romance variety. Kink is a favorite. She also beta reads and does content editing, and you can check that out here: http://linaedits.com.