Men of Smithfield: Sam and Aaron by L.B. Gregg

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Men of Smithfield: Sam and Aaron by L.B. Gregg

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“Oh bullshit,” Claire scoffed. “Everyone in the room noticed you two mooning over each other. You’re like, perfect. Big, blond and frownie meets small, dark and charming.”
“Don’t you think you deserve a little fun in your life? It’s time, Sam. You’ve earned it.” I couldn’t answer his question, because it cut too deep. “No? Well, I know you had a good time tonight, but don’t worry. Your secret is safe with me.”
“I’ve never, since I was thirteen and the old man had me shave him before breakfast, blown a single responsibility, but I’m willing to give that a go right now.”
“Really? How daring. I have something you can blow.”

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Mark and Tony
Max and Finn
Seth and David
Adam and Holden
Sam and Aaron

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A never-before-published Men of Smithfield book

With our family's legacy, Meyers B&B, in the flailing hands of me, Sam Meyers, and my sister Wynne, we're determined to revive the place. We've started a series of blind-date cooking classes, and taken on our first boarder. Granddad is even now rolling in his grave.

Signed up for the class is our new guest, Aaron Saunders, a Californian transplant who's distractingly handsome and clearly up to no good. I can't quite figure him out. He blew into town and has been relentless in his search for…something.

The sexy sneak is intriguing. And we've had a steamy moment. Or two. But now I can't stop wondering why he's searching in secret. From the library to my own backyard, Aaron leaves no stone unturned or record book unopened. He's definitely gotten my attention. But that might not be the only thing he's after.



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Though Solange has moved on from Shameless Book Club and is living somewhere in Europe, we're gladly keeping her recommendations alive and published because they were just that good. --- Solange reads and writes gay romance like it’s her job — because it is. She likes her heroes and heroines tortured and horny, her plots juicy and riddled with angst, and rarely passes up the opportunity to add in some hurt and comfort. When she’s not reading or writing, Solange rides horses, hikes around Michigan’s plentiful lakes or whizzes down mountains with a snowboard to her feet. She’s a speed-junky, a caffeine addict and a dog lover. If you’d like to get in touch, email her here. She doesn’t bite, unless that floats your boat.