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Oh, I'm so excited to tell you ALL about Open Hearts. Open Hearts has everything I look for in a book. It has the heat, the heart and the humor, or should I say humour. Eve Dangerfield tells an Australian story with an Australian voice. It was so easy to hear her characters with their accents and colloquialisms. She also takes the common trope of searching for a baby daddy and turns it on its ear. I've never seen a story crafted in this way and I can't wait for my next read by Eve Dangerfield. ~ Nelle [July 2017]

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It has the heat, the heart and the humor, or should I say humour.

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While that meant she’d dated more than her share of stoners, losers, and the chronically unemployed, at least she and Jules rarely found the same men hot. Except for Liam Hemsworth, but come on, everyone wanted to fuck that guy. Even Zach wanted to fuck that guy.
Fuck! Oh fuck, I’m a moron. You remember how I said I say dumb things?
This is that. This is exactly that. Your pussy is so nice, it feels amazing. Plase don’t be mad at me.
Red, my twat isn’t a vegan gelato truck, I don’t give out infinite samples because I sell a dubious product no one likes.
“Uh…” Dean had heard Max talk about Julia liking romance novels, mostly in the context of ‘they get her so fucking wet, I want to PayPal Tessa Bailey a hundred bucks to say thank you’ sort of thing.


Locked Box
Open Hearts

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Ash Bennett’s had enough. She’s not wasting any more time longing for Prince Charming and getting stuck with Prince 'Babe, What’s For Dinner?'
If she can’t find a respectable, self-sufficient man to start a family with she’ll just do it by herself. It's better than pinning all your hopes on a guy who's never going to make you happy. Take Dean Sherwood, sure he’s stupid hot but that doesn’t pay the bills or remember to pick you up from the airport. No, they’re just having a little fun until Ash can find a donor. Right?
If only it was that easy...
Everyone loves Dean. He’s easygoing, a great footballer and always up for a beer or sixteen. He also has the attention span of a Cocker Spaniel on MDMA, but that’s never been a problem where the opposite sex is concerned. At least it wasn’t until he met Ash. Beautiful, driven and wild in bed; she's all he's ever wanted in a wife.
Unfortunately, he's far from what she wants in a husband, what with his perpetually empty bank account and inability to cook anything other than bacon. When she tells him he’s not baby-daddy material, Dean vows to become the man she needs, whatever it takes.
Open Hearts is the sequel to Locked Box. It features angst, bogans, hot sex, naked snowboarding and the triumphant return of Max and Julia who are dealing with a romantic dilemma of their own.



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Nelle is a quiet, unassuming, yet bossy bitch who works in downtown Manhattan. Her hobbies include smut reading and recommending, luxury travel, celebrity gossip, deal hunting and keeping up with Real Housewives' shenanigans. She also enjoys fussing over her dog and her condo. She's always on the search for the Best Book Ever. The Best Book Ever will have her Trifecta (heat/heart/humor) and she doesn't mind a dose of danger or suspense.
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