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Own The Wind: A Chaos Novel by Kristen Ashley

+ Favorite Quotes

I woke up and all I felt was warm. Warm and safe and loved and right. That was all I felt. All I thought. All that went through my mind was how good all that felt.
He’d proven over the last two months he could take it, take anything from me and handle it with care.
“Gotta say, baby,” he murmured. “You’re beautiful always but you’re seriously fuckin’ beautiful when you’re takin’ me.”

“Gotta say, darlin’,” I murmured back huskily. “You’re handsome always, but you’re seriously handsome when you’re giving it to me.”

“Push up, baby, want your tits.”
[box_light]1st book in the Chaos Novel series:
1: Own the Wind
2: Fire Inside[/box_light]

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4 thoughts on “Own The Wind: A Chaos Novel by Kristen Ashley

  1. Kat Martin

    I can’t find this anywhere, I live in the UK, I’ve been crawling the walls trying to find it!! So jealous coz everyone’s talking about it! :-(

  2. maureen

    Downloaded at 7 am, had it finished by 8pm – lucky it was slow at work !
    I loved most all of it but have to give it 4 maybe 4 1/2 stars cuz of a couple things.
    did not need to repeat the “best friend in trouble” storyline again and the end was way too abrupt. I would have liked an epilogue. Looking at the pages, I thought I had more story left, but then after it ended, there was a nice lengthy intro for the next book in the Chaos series w/ Lanie & Hop. I really enjoyed the characters of Tabby & (hot)Shy & their new & different stories, which drew me in. LOOOOVED visiting with past characters in previous books – Tack & Red of course, Elvira,Gwen etc.!

    1. Jenny

      I total agree! I loved this book. I have read alot of KA’s books and I liked that this one was different. BUT I wish the epilogue was longer like all her other books. I hope there is more of their story in the next book.

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