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No wonder Annabel Joseph (writing as Molly Joseph in this instance) is an SBC Elite Author. Her writing style makes it so easy to sink into the storyline and identify and fall in love with the characters. She can write about a gorgeous, alpha bodyguard and his virgin chess player and make the story fresh, interesting, and super duper, panty-melting hot. There's a nice balance of suspenseful plot with romance (and highly anticipated steamy sexy scenes). For me, this book came out at the perfect time to picture Jennifer Lawrence's bodyguard as Sam Knight. If you haven't seen his picture, go look it up, then one click this bodyguard and enjoy! [June 2015]

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Joseph writes about a gorgeous, alpha bodyguard and his virgin chess player and makes the story fresh, interesting, and super duper, panty-melting hot.

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Favorite Quotes

“You really are mine,” he said in the silence. “And I’m a jealous, possessive son of a bitch. Just warning you.”
She wished they were alone so she could kiss him. She wished she could crawl inside him and live in his heart, where it was so safe and warm.

Ironclad Bodyguards Series Reading Order

  1. Pawn
  2. Diva – anticipated release date in Early 2016

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High stakes chess competition has always been a man’s game—until Grace Ann Frasier topples some of the game’s greatest champions and turns the chess world on its ear. Her prowess at the game is matched only by her rivals’ desire to defeat her, or, worse, avenge their losses. When an international championship threatens Grace’s safety, a bevy of security experts are hired to look after her, but only one is her personal, close-duty bodyguard, courtesy of Ironclad Solutions, Inc.

Sam Knight knows nothing about chess, but he knows Grace is working to achieve something important, and he vows to shelter her from those who mean her harm. When she leans on him for emotional support, attraction battles with professionalism and Sam finds his self-discipline wavering. Soon the complexity of their relationship resembles a chess board, where one questionable move can ruin everything—or win a game that could resonate around the world.



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Lina Sacher

Lina is a lover of alpha males, smutty lit, and alpha male smutty lit—of the romance variety. Kink is a favorite. She also beta reads and does content editing, and you can check that out here: