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I'm in love with this series. C.D. Reiss has a gift for putting my emotions through the wringer and making me love every second of it. Spin and Theresa's love story is a train wreck. The intensity of their passion is off the charts, the only thing working for them is their need for each other. The need to protect, to heal, to love. It's amazing and beautiful and scary. The Corruption Series has all of the twists, violence, passion and emotion that makes a series a Must-Read! [August 2015]

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Rule adds to the long list of reasons C.D. Reiss was named an #SBCEliteAuthor. Brilliant!

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Favorite Quotes

“Some things are in the stars.  I was meant to protect you.  And you were meant to rule.”
“I want what I love, and I love what I want.  What I want is you.  You came to me as a lady and now you are a queen.  I’ve never met a woman like you, I don’t even deserve you, but I have you.  and having you, I’m not giving you up.”
“I want a life with you, because you accept me. All of me. I am whole with you. Only you.”

The Corruption Series Reading Order

Spin (A Mafia Romance): Corruption Series #1 (The Corruption)
Ruin (A Mafia Romance): Corruption Series #2 (The Corruption)
Rule (A Mafia Romance) (The Corruption Book 3)

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Book Three in The Corruption Series. You must read SPIN and RUIN before reading RULE!

Theresa and Antonio.

They've been through hell. Antonio has a price on his head for turning his back on a marriage deal, and Theresa has no intention of turning her back on him. They're devoted and strong, ready for anything....

A Love Tested To The Limit

And then, someone from Antonio's past reappears. Someone who can give him everything he ever wanted, and who can shake them to their very core.



In this stunning conclusion to the USA Today Bestselling series, Antonio and Theresa will have their passion, their devotion and their very will to live tested.



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About The Author
Adrian Perkins
My romance novel obsession started when I was a kid reading my Mom's Jackie Collins novels. I’m a romance junkie and I like my men to be alpha males and my ladies to be quirky and strong. I need the HEA but it’s OK if it takes 2 or 3 or 10 books to get there. Lee Nightingale is my forever BBF. I’m a Part-time Realtor and full-time Mommy with a husband, 2 kids and 3 cats. I love to travel almost as much as I love to read.