Show Me, Baby by Cherise Sinclair (1001 Dark Nights)

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Show Me, Baby by Cherise Sinclair (1001 Dark Nights)

Favorite Quotes

“Do not look so worried. I will not punish her—much—for breaking a rule I hadn’t mentioned. She will know better in the future.”
“Tonight, you’re mine for as long as I want to use you.”
“I can do whatever I want to you. And I will.”
“Good,” he murmured in his smoky smooth voice. “We agree. Tying you down is an excellent idea.” Her mouth dropped open. “We? I didn’t say anything.”
“Not verbally. But you have a very talkative body, sweetling.”

Masters of the Shadowlands series name Series Reading Order

  1. Club Shadowlands – FREE
  2. Dark Citadel
  3. Breaking Free
  4. Lean on Me
  5. Make Me, Sir
  6. To Command and Collar
  7. This Is Who I Am
  8. If Only
  9. Show Me, Baby

The Book Details
Publisher Synopsis

When Rainie rushes an injured dog to a clinic, she’s appalled to recognize the veterinarian, Jake Sheffield. So not fair. His memory has haunted her for over a decade. And then he showed up at her Shadowlands BDSM club. And now, he owns the veterinary clinic? The Gods of Cruelty must be laughing at her.

Master Jake is sophisticated, wealthy, and gorgeous. Rainie’s a fluffy, ex-slum-rat. He’d never be with a woman like her. Besides, she’s been burned enough times that she won’t get serious about any man. Sure, the BDSM club trainees are supposed to be seeking a permanent Dom, but no harm, no foul—the Masters don’t need to know the truth.

As a Shadowlands Master, Jake watches out for all the trainees. But one is special. Lush body, a gift for living life to the fullest, always laughing or smiling. Now he’s learned she also has a big heart. Although Rainie trips all his switches, she’s avoided him since the moment she arrived…and he let her have that play. But when she lies to him about her goals, he knows the time has come for a Master to take an active part in her training.



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