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The Law of Attraction by N. M. Silber

+Favorite Quotes

[su_quote]I let my eyes roam a little too and I could actually see how turned on he was. Oh my! I hadn’t even touched him. He was a healthy boy.[/su_quote]

[su_quote]Standing there in all of his naked glory he looked so damned good I could have sold tickets.[/su_quote]

[su_quote]“Get up, saucy wench and grab onto the headboard.” My stomach did a flip flop. That kind of sexy should come with a warning label.[/su_quote]

[su_quote]Then our cuddling turned to fondling and soon Braden was very skillfully employing his oral skills again as I informed him loudly over and over that his tongue was the Eighth Wonder of the World.[/su_quote]

[su_quote]I’m telling you, this wasn’t your grandmother’s booty call. Unless, of course, your grandmother was a sex-crazed hussy like me.[/su_quote]

The Law of Attraction Quote


[box_light]1st in the Lawyers in Love series
1: The Law of Attraction
2: The Home Court Advantage—November 19, 2013 Release
3: Legal Briefs—February 2014 Release
4: Judicial Misconduct—May 2014 Release
5: Power of Attorney—September 2014 Release[/box_light]

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101 thoughts on “The Law of Attraction by N. M. Silber

  1. Tonya Schenck

    No I would not stop for the dog, and I don’t think it’s sexy to laugh but I think it’s acceptable.

  2. Linda

    I love adding laughter, but I´ll pass on the dogs participating *shudders* They´re banned from out bedroom, TYVM =D
    Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Tuesday!

  3. Kelly Kline

    The dog would have to go! And it would all depend on what I’m laughing at so yes it can be acceptable.

  4. Nadene Reynolds

    I don’t think it is sexy to laugh in the bedroom. I would stop for the dog because that would totally kill the mood.

  5. TIffany

    I don’t necessarily think its sexy to laugh in the bedroom but sometime it just can’t be helped :) and I will be the first to say I do it as hard as I try not too.. :( I’m sure my husband hates me sometimes!!

  6. Sara Butler

    Keep going! And yes, obviously it depends on the subject and the timing, but laughing in the bedroom is part of the fun of intimacy!

  7. Sharilyn

    Would definitely stop in the case of dog-humping-leg! As far as laughing…. have experienced many times of laughing due to tickle-fights which in turn led to great sex. =)

  8. Melissa Miller

    Completely depends on the mood! If you’re having fun and wild, then sure! If it’s intense and deep, nope!

  9. Emily McArtor

    I think that laughing in the bedroom can be sexy, but it really depends on what is being laughed about ;-D And yes I would totally stop if a squeak toy like that was humping my leg! I would make it squeak as it was leaving the room LOL

  10. Sarah

    Oh yes, laughing can be sexy in the bedroom! Sometimes sensations are so intense it’s the only way your body can handle it.

    As far as the dog….that’s a tough one. I’d probably ignore it as long as possible, but it would be a distraction for sure!

  11. Christy

    We laugh during sexy time all the time. We aren’t laughing at each other, just situations and we’re really comfortable with each other so it’s pretty natural.

    As for the Chihuahua, I’d have to stop and be totally freaked out because we don’t have any dogs and I”d wonder where the hell it came from.

  12. Sara

    We usually sequester our puppy, since it seems to unsettle him when his mom and dad are making funny noises. As for laughing, it depends on the spirit of the thing, but if it’s a light-hearted moment – wouldn’t it be more off-putting not to laugh?

  13. Jenny Dauksa Schaber

    Laughter may not be sexy, but it happens & I have no objections. Many people giggle uncontrollably after orgasm. Sometimes we laugh at the dogs. They are generally banned from any festivities. :)

  14. Bobbi

    If you can’t laugh with the person you are having sex with, should you really be having sex with them? I think not!

  15. Laina G

    LMAO, OK… your questions made me laugh… I think it shows how comfortable you are with your partner if you can laugh in the bedroom.

  16. Patty

    I think laughter in the bedroom can be appropriate. Who wants to be serious all the time? But you should NOT be laughing about body parts especially when being physically intimate. That’s another kind of wrong.

  17. Allison Motherway

    I love laughing! Its just natural for me…..The dog has got to go! That is a no laughing zone right there lol

  18. Sierra

    I laugh in the bedroom. Makes it that much better. And if he thinks you are laughing at him, he will perform better. haha !
    The dog would have to go.

  19. Angela Pliler

    If you’re both laughing, sure! Otherwise it could be misconstrued as laughing at the other’s “insecure” parts.

    I’ll never own a chihuahua now, for this reason! LOL!!!

  20. Tina M

    If you are both laughing yes it is acceptable and the dog, well probably yes stop and get the dog out/away and continue on.

  21. Lauren

    LOL! I think laughing is ok sometimes. It reminds me that my husband and I are best friends and not just, well, husband and wife.

    And the Chihuahua part of the question is oddly specific…are you trying to tell us something?! ;)

  22. Denise Smith

    i think it is ok to laugh in the bedroom sometimes it is exciting and people laugh because their excited or many other reasons

  23. jodi marinich

    depends on what is going on at the time …also i would take the dog off my leg and keep going..lol

  24. Tatia White

    If the dog was involved, it would def be kicked out. And my husband and I have both just died laughing before. So if both think its funny, then yes it’s appropriate.

    I’ve read Laws of Attraction. It’s a FABULOUS book. I loved it.

  25. Leslie T.

    I think laughing is ok as long as you are not laughing at a body part or anything embarrassing to the other person….And I would probably have to kick the dog out, lol.

  26. Cheree Millspaugh

    My favorite quote: “If I understand your position correctly
    you want more than a one nighter with a meal plan.”

  27. Jennifer G

    Laughter is fine (as long as its all in fun and having a good time). The dog-no. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  28. Jenn McElroy

    I don’t have a problem with laughter in the bedroom … as long as I’m not laughing at my husband or vice versa. It’s important to have a sense of humor in intimate situations :-)

  29. Coleen

    I feel lucky that my husband and I can laugh at ourselves and things that happen in the bedroom. Be silly at times. A sense of humor is sexy.

  30. Angel McGuffey

    Nothing more distracting then having a pet stare at you while doing it, so yeah I’d definitely stop if it was humping my leg! LOL =) Well, long enough to put it out of the room! :)

  31. Denise

    I don’t think it is necessarily sexy to laugh but it depends on the relationship, and there is nothing wrong with laughing. We have had moments where we found our cat sitting on the bed staring at us and we were able to laugh it off and keep going.

  32. Michelle T-W

    Laughter in the bedroom can certainly be a good thing! not all the time, but yes most definitely it has it’s place during “the do” lol.

    The dog is not allowed in when sexy time is on, she’s too curious, and has stuck her nose in where it did NOT belong (true story) and when that nose belongs to a 120pound slobber machine..nope no way!

  33. LaGina

    OMG!!…lol If a dog did that to me i would stop long enough to drop kick his a** to the other room…lol

  34. amber

    We personally keep the dogs out of the room during sexy time, so we don’t have to worry about that one! And I think it is ok to laugh, not sure I would call it sexy though.

  35. Brianne

    Yes it is ok to laugh and be silly in the bedroom! If a dog was humping my leg I for sure would stop and that dog would be homeless!

  36. Katie

    As long as you’re not laughing AT a body party, do you think it’s sexy to laugh in the bedroom? Does it count if you’re laughing at your husband for passing gas? I know, I’m gross…but it is pretty funny!

    Or…if a Chihuahua was humping your leg while you were having sexy time, would you stop or keep on going? Ha ha!! No comment…lol

  37. Alexandra H

    Honestly, in the right context, I think it’d could be sexy to laugh in the bedroom. I was reading a book last night where there were a few deep, husky chuckles from the guy, and damn if it wasn’t a turn on. Definitely added to the scene, I think.

    And a huge hell no to the dog. I’d have to kick him out before anything happened.

    Thanks for the chance! (:

  38. Donna Reynolds

    I think it would be ok for a little laughing and I would have to stop I don’t think I could enjoy myself if the dog was tring to use my leg at the same time. Thank you for the giveaway :)

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