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The Education of Caroline by Jane Harvey-Berrick

The Education of Caroline
The Education of Caroline
The Education of Caroline


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Publisher Synopsis: Ten years after their first affair, Sebastian and Caroline meet again: this time in very different circumstances, against the background of the war in Afghanistan. Now a successful journalist, Caroline meets US Marine Chief Sebastian Hunter – can old passions be rekindled?
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After being slain by the ending of Sebastian, there was no way I was going to pass up Caroline. Seeing as this is now one of my favorite books, I was not disappointed. And then going back and reading Sebastian after reading Caroline, my heart broke and healed so many times at re-reading all of the fulfilled dreams. Beautiful, wonderful, heart-crunching, heart-healing, and a must-read-or-die series. [January 2013]

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Jane Harvey-Berrick is kind enough to allow me to share this “one-off” of Sebastian’s “first time” with Caroline! Before (or after) you read Caroline, read this short story of their first time from Sebastian’s point-of-view.

Click Here to Download a PDF version of Sebastian’s First Time

Click Here to Download an ePub version of Sebastian’s First Time

Also available is Sebastian’s POV from his 21st birthday. WARNING: You will cry if you have a heart:

Sebastian’s 21st Birthday

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Favorite Quotes

“Caro… I don’t understand – why do you love me?”
“Just because… because the sky is blue and the sea is green.”
“I’m going to make you so hard, I’m going to get you so wound up, I’m going to turn you on so much, that all I’ll have to do is touch you with one finger to make you come.”
2nd in The Education Of… series
1: The Education of Sebastian
2: The Education of Caroline

The Education of Caroline

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