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Shameless Book Awards

All Of The Nominated Books! #SBAwards

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Nominated Authors: Share Your Love!

So you hear you’ve been nominated in our Shameless Book Awards (1st Half of) 2015. Congratulations! You’ve accomplished something HUGE in this little book world of ours. You’re recognized by more than just your mom for your good work and writing talent! Now you can brag about it with this specially-made graphic on your blog, your Facespace, or printed out and pasted onto your bathroom wall. Download and share, and make sure you link it back to the voting page: http://sbkc.us/vote1st2015

Shameless Book Awards (1st Half of) 2015 NOMINATIONS

Welcome to the Shameless Book Awards (1st Half of) 2015 Nominations! YOU get a say in what books make it to the final ballot. Think back, take your time, and let us know who you think should be nominated for an award! NOTE: Your nominations DO NOT have to be for or from a “smutty” romance book. ANY romance book from ANY sub-genre of romance qualifies! Don’t miss out on entering the giveaway below! [icons icon=”awarded” color=”#d40000″ size=”26″]To qualify for the Shameless Book Awards (1st Half of) 2015, the book you’re nominating must have been released (NOT re-released) between December Read More

Smut Book Awards 2014 WINNERS!

I have to say β€”Β I’m over-the-moon excited with the diversity of the books you voted as your favorites of 2014! Not only was there a massive outpouring of love in the form of votes for every single book nominated, but we saw you super-fans rallying for your favorites. I hope you find some new books to read, new authors to follow, and camaraderie with those who love the same books you do. To give back to you β€” the readers β€” some of the winning authors have provided epic giveaways! Check them out below. Readers β€” Please support our sponsors! Read More