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Book Sales

Amazon Prime Day Sales

Truly one of the greatest inventions the internet ever birthed is Amazon Prime. Sure, that $99 fee you pay once a year is a little punch in the gut, but for everything you get with that membership, it’s completely worth it. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, get it now! >>> Amazon Prime Free Trial <<< (See all the benefits of Amazon Prime below.) Amazon Prime Day sales start July 15th at midnight Pacific, 3 AM Eastern. Here’s a list of select deals: (I’m linking these to the items on Amazon.com as they are listed on July 14th. You may need to go Read More

Shameless Book Sales: June 6-7, 2015

FEATURED [wwcAmzAffProducts asin=”B00AMIL9C8″][/wwcAmzAffProducts] [section label=”On Sale Today” anchor=”today”] Book Sales Today We know these books are on sale today and were in today’s Shameless Book Sales Newsletter. Grabby hands on them because we don’t know when the price will go up! $1.99 [products ids=”19768, 19766″] 99¢ [products ids=”19764, 19762, 19760, 19754, 19752, 19790″] FREE [products ids=”19770″] [section label=”Now On Sale” anchor=”now”] Book Sales We Think You Should Know About Because These Are Awesome Books We Love [products ids=”19816,19800,19788,19774″] [section label=”Always On Sale” anchor=”sale”] Always On Sale We love and recommend these books that have been on sale for the last many months. Read More