12 Perfect Party Dresses For All Body Types We Love!

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12 Perfect Party Dresses For All Body Types We Love!

We have only weeks to go until The Smut Gala sponsored by Meredith Wild at Shameless Book Con 2017! Along with all of the excitement, I keep getting panicked messages:

“Oh my gosh! I have nothing to wear!”

“What should I wear?”

“Help! I need a dress for the VIP Cocktail Reception!”

“How will I pack a dress? It’ll be a wrinkled mess!”

“Now I have to find something for The Smut Gala!”

Look no further! If you know me, you know that I love shopping and love looking put together. I will literally shop for anyone. You also know that I love to be comfortable!

So, I put together a fun list of things for you to try! These dresses are all affordable, easy to wear with sandals or heels, and they are super easy to pack. You’ll even see me in a few of these looks during the weekend at Shameless Book Con 2017.

Rest assured – I’m familiar with these sellers on Amazon and have only chosen items that have good reviews.



These shoes are all easy to wear and look super stylish! I only chose heels that are not too thin and ankle straps to help with stability. They are styles that are easy to walk in but still look amazing with a dress!

HAPPY SHOPPING, and I can’t wait to see you in October at Shameless Book Con!

Click to get your 🎟 now!

Shameless Back-To-School Supplies

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Shameless Back-To-School Supplies

Shameless Back-To-School SuppliesListen, no one wants to hear your grumbling about going back to school at such an old age. You get to stock up on all the back-to-school supplies we wish we could spend our dollars on!

Here’s a list of some of the school supplies – and I use that term loosely – we’re coveting this year.

Haul Your Shit

You paid enough for your textbooks to support an army of toddler pageant queens, so you might as well get a fly-ass bag to carry your stuff.

Gold Flamingo Pattern Navy Blue Backpack
Superstud Studded Backpack
Vans Peanuts Realm Backpack

Check Your Face

Keep your face on fleek with these on-the-go makeup and haircare essentials.

bareMinerals BAREPRO Performance Wear Powder Foundation
Urban Decay Vice Lipstick
Travel Size Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray

School Supplies Essentials

You won’t find these school supplies in the back-to-school aisle at Target.

Like a Boss Inspirational Pencils
Yes, I’m Actually Reading This Bookmark Pad
Personalized Metallic Striped Binder

The Cutest Kicks

You’re old enough to dress yo’self, so dress to make a statement. A very cute statement.

Adult Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Denim Floral
Periodic Table TOMS
Dr. Martens Union Jack Pascal 8-Eye Boot

Take Notes

Why get the same boring plain notebooks and planners you had when you were a kid? Step up your game, woman!

I AM VERY BUSY. Pink Holographic Agenda by ban.do
Decomposition Kittens in Space Notebook
Erin Condren Life Planner

Get Your Shit Together

We get it. Staying organized is a pain in the royal ass. These goodies will make it a little less painful.

Post-it Calendar Weekly Planner
Moleskine Daily Planner
Non-Dated Panda Planner

Hot Student/Teacher Books

While you’re pretending to pay attention to the professor droning on about quadrilateral equations, sneak out your phone to catch up on these recommended reading.


Happy Shameless Shopping!

Shameless Book Con 2017: All The Things You Need To Take

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Shameless Book Con 2017: All The Things You Need To Take

All The Things You Need To Take To An Author SigningIt’s all about being prepared, friend. You don’t want to make all the plans and spend all the money it took to get to an author signing, only to realize you didn’t know you needed that one thing!

Here’s our packing list guide to all the things you need to take with you to an author signing event!

*click each heading to go down

🛒 Rolling Cart
👜 Tote Bag
🛄 Luggage
🍿 Snacks
💊 Pharmaceuticals
💵 Cash
✍🏼 Mementos
📱 Techno Accessories
📇 Business Cards
👗 Smut Gala Outfit
👚 Book-Lover T-Shirt
👟 Comfortable Shoes


🛒 Rolling Cart

We wrote about this spiffy cart for last year’s signing and it proved to be a great little way to tote your books and swag around the signing.

NOTE: As indicated on the Eventbrite page where you purchased your tickets, hard-sided carts, wagons, strollers, and luggage larger than a carry-on will not be allowed into the signing. This will be strictly enforced.


Smart Cart Rolling Multipurpose Collapsible Basket Cart Scrapbooking by dbest

👜 Tote Bag

You’ll be getting your very own new conference tote bag to hold some fun swag, but taking a keepsake tote bag that lasts you years and shows off that YOU WERE THERE is always fun.

Shameless Tote Bags

Shameless Tote Bags at Zazzle

🛄 Carry-On Personal-Size Luggage

These bags won’t count as a carry-on if you’re flying a budget airline. They are small enough to be considered a personal item and fit under the seat in front of you on the airplane!  ✈️ Trust me, I use them.

Vera Bradley
Weekender Travel Bag

Wheeled Underseat Carry-On Bag

World Traveler
21-Inch Carry-On Shoulder Tote Duffel Bag


🍿 Snacks

Tuck away a Luna bar or 2 in your day bag for those times when you’re standing in line to see your favorite author and a wave of hunger passes over you. LAWD knows you don’t want to end up hangry when you get to the end of the line.

💊 Pharmaceuticals

✔️ Tums
✔️ Tylenol
✔️ Personal supply of Xanax

I have my little Henri Bendel pill case on my person at ALL times. A pill case is one of those things you saw your grandma pull out of her purse and though you’d never have but now that you’re a full-fledged adult, you realize it’s a necessity!

💵 Cash

It’s really up to you how much you want to take along. We recommend having some dollars with you at the signing as a back-up for purchasing books from authors.


✍🏼 Mementos

After spending months planning, plotting, and looking forward to meeting your favorite authors, you won’t want to leave empty-handed! Bring along something special to have authors sign that will forever remind you of who you met. If you’ve never been to an author signing or fan event, trust me – the possibilities are endless. I’ve seen readers have authors sign their actual iPads, pre-made scrapbooks, large photo frames, t-shirts, and everything in between. If you can dream it, bring it!

Of course, if you like having signed books as your memento, bring your own from home, buy them at our onsite bookseller, or buy them directly from the authors (indie authors can sell their own books) at their tables.

Here are some ideas to help you figure out what you want to bring to have signed! And if you have another idea and want the official #Shameless17 logo, leave a comment.

Shameless Book Con 2017 Signing Poster – CUSTOMIZE

📱 Techno Accessories

Keep your battery charged up, friends. Don’t be that girl who needs to borrow someone else’s battery juice!

Slim 2 Ultra-compact 5,000mAh Portable Charger

20,000mAh Portable Charger with Lightning & Micro-USB

6ft/1.8m Nylon Braided Tangle-Free Micro USB Cable
Also available for Apple

📇 Business Cards

Have a blog? Sell a product? Wanna get subscribed to some newsletters? You’ll need an easy way to share your deets!

NOTE: We allow fellow book bloggers to share a business card and/or small swag item handed directly to authors and readers with the understanding that what you hand out is not co-branded with the Shameless Book Club or Shameless Book Con logo unless you are a paid sponsor. We reserve the right to ask anyone attending the event to stop sharing swag or business cards at any time. 



👗 Smut Gala Outfit

Last year, we turned out a party that attendees are still talking about! You will want to attend and dress your best. Visit our Dress-Up Ideas post for a few dresses we think you’ll love.

👚 Book-Lover Shirt

If there was ever a place to show off your reader status, wearing a book-lover t-shirt at an author signing is THE place to do it.

Shameless Book Con 2017 (dark) T-Shirt
Smuffin Love (Dark Shirts) T-Shirt

Official Shameless Book Con 2017 T-Shirt
in Black or White
Just One More Chapter T-Shirt
Variety of Colors
Smuffin Love T-Shirt
Variety of colors

👟 Comfortable Shoes

You don’t think your feet will hurt as much as they end up hurting, but MAN, they will hurt! You’ll be standing all day and walking more than you’ve walked in the last week. Trust us – you need comfortable shoes for the signing. And if they’re cute, too? Even better!



Converse All Stars



⟞ See you at Shameless! ⟝

Giveaway: Enter To Win Buns + $25 Gift Card + Goodies!

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Giveaway: Enter To Win Buns + $25 Gift Card + Goodies!

If you’ve read Alice Clayton’s books, you know you’re in for a giggle and a guffaw or two. Obviously we love her books because Alice is a Shameless Platinum Author! She’s also going to be signing at Shameless Book Con 2017, so we extra love her.

For real, the names of the books in her latest series Nuts, Cream of the Crop, and Buns (releasing May 23rd – Pre-order it now!) are giggle-worthy. 

Actually, many of her book titles are double entendres. You should read them all. Just saying.


To celebrate the upcoming release of Buns, enter to win our giveaway!
*open to US-shipping only

💰 Amazon Gift Card (value $25)
📕 Paperback Copy of Buns by Alice Clayton (value $11)
✏️ Betsey Johnson Red Quilted Hearts Faux Fur Pompom Pencil Case (value $48)
🙆🏼 About Face Designs Black “Eyebrows” Cosmetic Pouch (value $15.99)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

29+ Ways To Make Your Device Speak Your Book Lover Truth

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29+ Ways To Make Your Device Speak Your Book Lover Truth

29+ Ways To Make Your Device Speak Your Book Lover Truth

Need a Mother’s Day gift? Your mom needs a book nerd sticker.

Need a few stocking stuffers (7 months early)? Your family needs to a unicorn reading sticker.

Need an adorable way to show off your book-loving status? You need ALL THE STICKERS!

Buy 10 small stickers with designs by indie artists at Redbubble, get 50% off!

Click the sticker to add to your cart or start shopping.

See hundreds more indie artist-designed stickers at Redbubble!

A Self-Care Secret We’re Not Too Shameless To Share

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A Self-Care Secret We’re Not Too Shameless To Share

I’m going to let you in on a little secret you probably already knew but may have been afraid to admit: Women get horny.


Indeed we do, especially when we’re reading hot n’ dirty smut.

I’ll set the scene:

Kids are at band practice. Husband is busy helping a friend move. You decide to take a break from your busy Saturday of cleaning and laundry to get in a few minutes of quiet reading time.

And then you read Chapter 32.

Master Sinclair. Cherry lollipops. Ménage hotness.

Oh, it’s on.

You check the clock; kids will be home in 45 min and husband may walk in any second. Just enough time to dig into your bedside drawer and pull out your favorite pleasure toy, the LELO Ina Wave, for an Afternoon Delight for One!

Your husband will be the lucky one to walk in on you enjoying some private time he can take over once he finds you.

This could be your real life! You could be the woman at home cleaning the house, putting away your kid’s laundry, and taking care of yourself in the most delectable ways.

Even if you’re not married and saddled with kids, you know what it’s like to get the urge to diddle. And what’s a girl to do when she’s all worked up and has no way to release all that sexual energy?

She gets herself a new LELO toy and takes care of her own damn self, that’s what.

Our story continues:

Now that your husband is horned all to hell at seeing you taking advantage of some private time, he’s going to think of ways to keep you interested in jumping his bones at all times.

That’s when you show him the LELO Luna Beads you’ve had your eye on, and explain* how inserting these little balls of tease will keep you squeezing your legs all day.

Self-care is the Buzz Word(s) of the Day, and what better way to take care of yourself than to treat yo’self to a new LELO?!

Now, be a good girl and order yourself a new LELO! It’s good for you. #science

*Inspired by the centuries-old practice of inserting weighted balls (also called Ben Wa balls) into the vagina to strengthen internal muscles for both sexual pleasure and correct incontinence. The ancient Chinese peoples knew what they were doing.

Perfect Costume Sets For Shameless Women

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Perfect Costume Sets For Shameless Women

Pick pieces and parts or create the whole look as shown! Hips and Curves isn’t just for us ladies “of a certain size.” Whatever beautiful size you are, you can find all the accessories you’ll need for your greatest Halloween costume or Shameless Book Con 2016 Costume Ball After Party dress-up EVER!


Divider line transparent

Divider line transparent

Divider line transparent

plus size halloween costumes

Divider line transparent

plus size halloween costumes

Divider line transparent

plus size halloween costumes

UnHoly Day 2016 Giveaway

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UnHoly Day 2016 Giveaway

To celebrate her day of kinky love, Tiffany Reisz is giving away TWO UnHoly Day tickets and FIVE signed copies of The Bourbon Thief! #SBC16Enter to Win UHD Tickets

Tiffany Reisz is floating into Orlando on October 23rd on a little red riding crop of love for UnHoly Day!

To celebrate her day of kinky love, she’s giving away TWO UnHoly Day tickets and FIVE signed copies of The Bourbon Thief!

cheering photo cheeringstarterfor10.gif

Who can win?
If you’re over 18 and are planning to be in Orlando on Sunday, October 23, 2016, you’re eligible to win!

What if I already have a UHD ticket?
No worries, friend! You can either gift your winning ticket to a friend or we can refund your UHD ticket order.

What if I won’t be at UHD? Can I win a signed copy of The Bourbon Thief?
No, sorry. The 5 winners will pick up their signed book at UnHoly Day, therefore you have to be present to win.

How To Be An Awesome Attendee At An Author Signing Event!

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How To Be An Awesome Attendee At An Author Signing Event!

How To Be An Awesome Attendee At An Author Signing Event

I get it. It’s overwhelming.

Knowing that you’re going to your first or fiftieth author signing (ahem Shameless Book Con) can be both exciting and nervous-poop-inducing. Me and my anxiety will be with you while we squee one minute and in the stall next door trying not to make embarrassing butt sounds the next.

I’ve put together a little list of helpful hints for brand new signing attendees, seasoned event-goers, and everyone in between.

See you in October!

Take Pictures

  • Put yourself in the photos
  • Ask the author’s assistant to take one for you
  • Tag flattering pics on social media
  • Tagging authors in signing pics is encouraged!
  • Sharing private party pics publicly is a no-no
  • Upload to PicNut
    • Download the app then join the Shameless Book Con 2016 group using the passcode 253480
  • Hashtag everything #SBC16!

Get Things Signed

Make Friends

  • Be shameless! We all belong to the same tribe!

Wear Comfy Shoes

  • Comfort > Cute
    • Check out some of my favorite TOMS!


Plan Ahead

  • 5 hours can go by quickly
  • Trade line-waiting – have a friend hold your space in a long line while you trade meeting other authors
  • Bring the cart we recommend to haul your books and swag

Don’t forget to HAVE FUN!

Don’t have your #SBC16 tickets yet?
Get them now!

Today Only! 20% Off Redbubble – Support Specialty Indie Artists!

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Today Only! 20% Off Redbubble – Support Specialty Indie Artists!

What’s a way I can support independent artists, Angie?

Well, friend. I’ll help you out. You can shop at Redbubble (not “Redouble” like my autocorrect thinks it should be), a collective of indie graphic artists where you can put just about anything on anything.

Shop from t-shirts, phone cases, stationery, home decor, pillows, wall art, stickers, bags, and etcetera ad nauseam. I especially love their silly little t-shirt tags:

Redbubble Tag IMG_3691
Redbubble Tag IMG_3690


I put together a little list of book nerd stuff you’ll be wanting to get your grabby hands on.

Get 20% off sitewide with code SCREAM20

Prices shown are before the discount is taken with the coupon code.



Get independent art and quality shirts from Redbubble! Shop Now >
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Find your art on Redbubble

Are you a blogger or content publisher? Join the Redbubble affiliate program!

SBC On Instagram

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SBC On Instagram

Clearly this should have been published months ago.

But yeah… it wasn’t.

If you’re on Instagram – and I KNOW you are – you need to be following Shameless Book Club!


Make sure you’re following especially if you’ll be attending Shameless Book Con 2016 in October. Obviously.

New Divider 1 Line 700

Curalate products on Like2Buy featured on our Instagram:

Lots Of Cool Stuff For When You Take Photos And Take Vacations #ShamelessSummer

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Lots Of Cool Stuff For When You Take Photos And Take Vacations #ShamelessSummer

This week, our Shameless Summer themes include Photography (Nature Photography Day!) and Vacation.

You don’t need a big fancy camera to take some nature photographs; all you need is a phone.

And to take a vacation, all you need is a few hours and some effort to distance yourself – either mentally or physically – from your home.

June 15: Photography
June 16: Vacation

Here are some things I think you can use for celebrating Photography and Vacation!

Photography Shameless Summer Collage

Lead a Charmed Ex-Insta Bag at ModCloth
Get Some Shutter-Eye Pillow at ModCloth
Selfies Photo Album at Knock Knock
Blue Q Cameras Zipper Pouch by Blue Q at Amazon
“Say cheese” by Indi Maverick T-Shirt at Society 6
Fujifilm Mini 8 Camera Accessories Case at Amazon
Jetsetter Camera Crossbody Bag at Henri Bendel

Vacation Shameless Summer Collage SBC


Just Right Direction Tee at ModCloth
Third Time Off’s a Charm Beach Towel at ModCloth
Anywhere Travel Guide at Amazon
Girl Meets Voyage Travel Wallet at ModCloth
Hadaki Vegan Makeup Case Pod at eBags
Buxton Travel Essentials Hanging Carryall at eBags
Royce Leather Passport Travel Wallet at eBags
Jet Set Travel Large Leather Chevron Crossbody at Michael Kors
West 57th Weekend Duffle at Henri Bendel
West 57th Perforated Train Case at Henri Bendel
West 57th Cosmetic Bag Trio at Henri Bendel
Pack This! Pad at Knock Knock
In the Backseat: An On-the-Road Vacation Fun Book at Knock Knock
The Collecting Book by Plumb at Knock Knock
Travel Jewelry Box at Stella & Dot
Centennial Pill Box by Henri Bendel
Vacation Tote Bag by Marie Grady Palcic at Society 6

All Women Have Rolls #BeShameless

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All Women Have Rolls #BeShameless

All women have rolls when her legs are pinned up next to her ears

All women have rolls when her legs are pinned up next to her ears. Chelly M.

Take back the words used against you to empower yourself!

Pierre-Auguste Renoir
[Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Join Us For #ShamelessSummer!

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Join Us For #ShamelessSummer!


What the heck is going on here?

We’re officially taking over the calendar and making it a Shameless Summer!

My crazy brain works best when it has a direction, so it’s shamelessly selfish of me to label a whole season.

We may take the day literally or we might take liberties with the meaning of a day’s theme. But whatever the day, we want you to join in and tag your #ShamelessSummer posts. Who knows… you may get a surprise just for participating!

Regardless of why we’re doing it (see: ADHD brain), I think you’ll enjoy the Shameless Summer we have planned for you!

Days with an asterisk (*) are significant days on the calendar or are Days of the Year.


2: Muscles
3: Sunset
4: Heat
5: Balloons*
6: Popsicles
7: Chocolate Ice Cream*
8: Sail
9: Pool
10: Iced Tea*
11: Beach
12: Sunscreen
13: Florida
14: Bourbon*
15: Photography
16: Vacation
17: California
18: Beer
19: Dad

20: Island
21: Waves
22: Concert
23: Baseball
24: Swimming*
25: Coconuts
26: Sharks*
27: Sunglasses*
28: Party
29: Waffles*
30: Lifeguard
Divider line transparent


1: Ice Cream*
2: Picnic*
3: Fireworks
4: Independence*
5: Bikinis*
6: BBQ
7: Chocolate*
8: Kites
9: Tennis*
10: Pina Colada*
11: Surfing
12: Boating
13: Cruise
14: Lazy Days
15: Reading
16: Margaritas
17: Camping
18: Water Park
19: Daiquiri*
20: Lollipops*
21: Carnival
22: Hammock*
23: Movies
24: Water Ski
25: Golf
26: Road Trip
27: Napping
28: Chili Dogs*
29: Amusement Park
30: Lemonade
31: Lightning Bugs
Divider line transparent


1: Romance*
2: Ice Cream Sandwich*
3: Watermelon*
4: Family
5: Olympics
6: Sandcastles*
7: Running
8: Gymnastics
9: Books*
10: Cotton Candy
11: Floats
12: Flip Flops
13: Diving
14: Volleyball
15: Backstroke
16: Roller Coaster
17: Swimsuits
18: Badminton
19: Cycling
20: Bees

21: Putt-Putt
22: Back to School
23: Slip-n-Slide
24: Sundress
25: Sandals
26: Frisbee
27: Burgers
28: Mediterranean
29: Umbrellas
30: The Hamptons
31: Snowcones

Divider line transparent

Join us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram!

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Ridiculously Massive Sales At Our Favorite Stores Happening Now

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Ridiculously Massive Sales At Our Favorite Stores Happening Now

Book Hoarding: What My Kindle Actually Looks Like On The Inside

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Book Hoarding: What My Kindle Actually Looks Like On The Inside

If only we could rip away the front screens of our Kindles, we’d see a crapload of books, mostly un-read.

What My Kindle Actually Looks Like

State Of The Shameless: All About You!

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State Of The Shameless: All About You!

What does a romance book reader look like?

— look down at yourself —

She looks like YOU!

Congratulations, you’re a part of an exclusive club of beautiful readers who are (most likely) just like you.

When you’re done checking out how fabulous you are, enter to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

Having problems viewing the infographic? Go to it directly here.

State of the Shameless Giveaway


Enter to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!
Open internationally.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Alpha, Beta, Charlie: Which Is Your Man?

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Alpha, Beta, Charlie: Which Is Your Man?

Lion, puppy, or sheep: Which man do you prefer?

Find your next Alpha male or Beta man on Shameless Book Club!

Alpha Beta Charlie

Love this? Share it on Facebook!

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Click to copy the code to use this infographic on your website:

Grammarly: Some Of You Writers Need This

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Grammarly: Some Of You Writers Need This

Courtesy* of the smart people at Grammarly, get some literacy knowledge into your brain today.

(If you don’t know Grammarly, The World’s Best Grammar Checker, rectify. Especially if you’re an editor or an author, you need this service to check your writing for errors. Please. Some of us readers are begging you – with love and kisses – to check your writing before publishing.)

Instant Grammar Checker - Correct all grammar errors and enhance your writing.

Global Literacy Infographic

*I have been compensated in exchange for sharing the information included in this post.

Shameless Cyber Monday Sales 2015

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Shameless Cyber Monday Sales 2015

You may think you’re all shopped out from the last few days of feeding your shopaholic beast. But it’s not over yet!

Cyber Monday is here and it’s ready to take a bigger bite out of your gift list than the last 4 days tried to do.

Enjoy the specially curated list of Cyber Monday sales and deals I’ve collected just for YOU!

And don’t forget to sign up for Shameless Book Sales to get the best sales and deals on romance books delivered 6 days a week to your inbox from yours truly!

Shameless Book Sales Frame

Favorite Stores

Amazon Kindle: Kindle, 6″ Glare-Free Touchscreen Display, Wi-Fi – Includes Special Offers
Amazon Fire: Fire HD 6, 6″ HD Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB – Includes Special Offers, Black
Amazon Fire TV: Amazon Fire TV
Amazon Kindle: Cyber Monday Kindle Deals: Romance
Society6: 20% Off EVERYTHING + Free Worldwide Shipping. (thru 11/30)
Zazzle: Cyber Monday – Up to 65% Off + 20% Off All Orders (thru 11/30)

New Divider 2 Lines

Clothing, T-Shirts, & Accessories

Kate Spade at eBags: Save up to 30% off Kate Spade New York (thru 12/2)
SOLO at eBags: Save up to to 70% SOLO (thru 12/1)
Osprey at eBags: 30% Off Osprey (thru 12/1)
Lane Bryant: Cyber Monday Deal: Save up to 50% OFF site-wide at LaneBryant.com! (11/30 Only)
Julep: CYBER MONDAY: 50% off at Julep (thru 12/1)
ModCloth: Cyber Monday 25% Off Sitewide (thru 12/2)
TeePublic: T-Shirts – $14 • Tanks – $18 • Kids Tees – $14 • Hoodies – $35 • Crew necks – $30 • BaseBall Tees – $17 • LongSleeve Tees – $15 • Prints and Canvas 25% Off (thru 11/30)
Busted Tees: 40% Off All Tees (thru 11/30)
Hips and Curves: Strappy Bra & Strappy Lace Panty Bundle only $32 (thru 11/30)

New Divider 2 Lines

Stationery & Photos

Mabel’s Labels: Get 50% Off Mabel’s Labels Top Sellers, Plus Free Shipping! (thru 11/30)
Blurb: 40% off at Blurb with code CREATIVE40 (thru 12/1)
Tiny Prints: Save 40% off Cards and Stationery orders or 50% off orders of $200+! Use code CYBERMON50 (thru 11/30)
Montage: Cyber Monday-35% off + free shipping site wide (thru 12/1)
Easy Canvas Prints: Limited Time Offer! Get an 18×24 Canvas Print for ONLY $14, just pay shipping. This is UP TO 92% OFF the retail price. (thru 11/30)

New Divider 2 Lines

Adults Only (Links NSFW)

LELO: 30% off everything! Use Code BLACKF (thru 12/1)
Tantus: Sitewide 40% discount from 11am-3pm PST. Use Code MOANDAY (thru 11/30)
Extreme Restraints: 35% Off Total Savings: 30% off with code BF2015 + 5% in rebates (thru 11/30)

New Divider 2 Lines

Unique Gifts & Stocking Stuffers

ThinkGeek: 30% Off 50 Awesome Gifts + Free Shipping! (thru 12/1)
Tervis: Cyber Week Sale! Spend $50+ and Receive 15% Off, Spend $75+ and Receive 20% Off, or Spend $100+ and Receive 25% Off Your Order With Code GIFT (thru 12/6)
BuyCostumes: Cyber Monday Sale – 25% off no minimum at BuyCostumes! (thru 11/30)
Grammarly: Exclusive 20% Grammarly discount (thru 11/30)
Knock Knock: Get early access to our bountiful sale section, free shipping, and a free All Out of Pad with your order of $50. Enter code: GREEN (thru 11/30)

The #1 Writing Tool

New Divider 2 Lines

Kids & Toys

Melissa & Doug: CYBER MONDAY ONE DAY ONLY SALE – One Day Only! Buy One – Get One 50% Off Sitewide – Click Here! Use Code: TGBOGO At MelissaAndDoug.com! (thru 12/1)
RedBubble: 35% off kids clothes (thru 12/1)
Tea Collection: 30% off everything Tea + totally free shipping on all orders (thru 12/2)
The Land of Nod: Free Shipping & 20% Off (thru 11/30)
Janie and Jack: Get 20% Off Your Entire Purchase at Janie and Jack, Plus an Additional 20% Off! Use Code JJCYBER20 (thru 11/30)
Crazy 8: Get 30% Off Everything, Free Shipping, Real Deals AND an Additional 20% Off! Use Code JOY (thru 11/30)
Gymboree: Cyber Monday Sale Today and Online Only at Gymboree! Get 50% Off Your Entire Purchase, Free Shipping, AND $25 off $100! Use code EXTRA25 (thru 11/30)
Kiwi Crate: Save 60% off 1st Month Subscriptions & 50% off Shop Orders! (thru 11/30)

Holiday Savings Sale

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