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5 Stars

Disgrace by Brittainy C. Cherry

“Falling for someone isn’t hard. It’s the easiest thing in the world. It’s all the other things that surround the fall that make it hard.”~Marlena [5/5 stars}

Tattered by Devney Perry

Two completely opposite lives, one night of passion. When a second chance at destiny comes your way, would you give up everything you’ve built to give it a chance? ~Marlena [5/5 stars]

The Chateau by Tiffany Reisz

I can never get enough of Tiffany Reisz and the world of the Original Sinners, and the Chateau is like the cherry on top! ~Adrian 5/5 Stars

Cole by Tijan

If you love Mafia feuding families, secrets, romance and a hero who is sweet to the heroine, then you will love this book. ~ Marissa [5/5 stars]

Slow Burn by Autumn Jones Lake

Slow Burn was a great change from the normal alpha-hole biker romance. You get the story from dual POV and getting into Rock’s mind while he falls for Hope gave me all the feels. ~ Marissa [5/5 stars]

Sworn by Maria Luis

A cop and a girl hiding a painful past, their relationship is explosive, hot, and dangerous. I loved it! ~ Marissa [5/5 stars]