16 Romance & Erotica Books To Read Before You Die

Here are Shameless Book Club’s end-all, be-all, read-all romance and erotica books we recommend you read!

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Out of Her League by Jennifer Dawson

Jennifer Dawson gives us a slow burn for the relationship/falling in love part, but it is NOT a slow burn for the sex. ~ Marissa [5/5 stars]


Rock Chick Reawakening by Kristen Ashley

Even though Rock Chick Reawakening is a prequel, it ends with the most perfect epilogue that only Kristen Ashley can bring us. [5/5 stars]

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Wait for It by Mariana Zapata

Wait for It is such a great slow burn romance, you don’t even realize you are halfway done, at 2am. I promise, you’ll have more laughs and happy sighs than tears. ~ Marissa [5/5 stars]


Moonshadow by Thea Harrison

I have the biggest book hangover from this one. It was so good. It all comes together in a page-turning story that I absolutely LOVED. [5/5 stars]


The Darkest Surrender (Lords of the Underworld) by Gena Showalter

In the Darkest Surrender, the banter will have you laughing, but don’t worry, there is plenty of suspense and action packed into this book. ~ Marissa [5/5 stars]


Broken Prince by Erin Watt

Erin Watt is trying to ruin me for all other authors with this series.
~ Marissa [5/5 stars]


King of Me by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Take a chance on King. Mia did and it eventually paid off. ~ Marissa [5/5 stars]


Pulling Her Trigger by Alexa Riley

Pulling Her Trigger had the perfect amount of smut, romance and suspense rolled into 100 pages. ~ Marissa [4.5/5 stars]


Sugar Daddies by Jade West

Jade West delivers a HOT, steamy and delicious story with tons of MM & MMF action.


Teach Me Dirty by Jade West

Jade West does not disappoint, bringing the taboo hotness in this Teacher/Student forbidden romance. [4/5 stars]


Moto by M. Never

Moto gives us the ups and downs of a relationship, and a couple of twists to keep you guessing how it will all end. [4/5 stars]


Too Hot to Handle by Tessa Bailey

Tessa Bailey’s creativity blooms in the premise of the Romancing the Clarkson series. ~Nelle [5/5 stars]


Debauched by Jennifer Dawson

Computer geek, clean cut, all-American . . . sexual deviant in the sack. Oh yes, Chad will push all your kinky buttons in Debauched. ~ Marissa [5/5 stars]


Dirtiest Secret by J. Kenner

We love the taboo books, and Dirtiest Secret is about as taboo as it gets! It had a little bit of everything: mystery, suspense, emotion and dirty, hot sex.[5/5 stars]

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Bounty by Kristen Ashley

Bring on the tall, bearded and cuddly mountain man who goes after the woman of his dreams. ~ Marissa [5/5 stars]


Kiss of Midnight: A Midnight Breed Novel by Lara Adrian

Kiss of Midnight will hook you from the get-go with the strong characters, great world building, and the hot sex.[4/5 stars]


The Bad Ones by Stylo Fantôme

A modern day Bonnie and Clyde with a side of Wild Things; that was Dulcie and Con in The Bad Ones. [4/5 stars]


Authors Love Authors: Chloe T. Barlow Loves Julia Kent

One of our first authors added to Shameless Book Con, Chloe finally gave in to my peer pressure to also be the first #SBC16 Signing Author to show her love for another #SBC16 Signing Author.

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Rock Redemption by Nalini Singh

I do love a good friends-to-lovers story. Rock Redemption is all about Noah redeeming himself in Kit’s eyes, earning back her trust and friendship, until romance blooms.


Sebring by Kristen Ashley

The end of a series always brings the tears, and this one was special because KA somehow made us love the one guy we hated in the beginning of the series. [5/5 stars]


Dirty Bad Secrets by Jade West

Dirty Bad Secrets was another dirty, kinky, sadistic ride that had me glued to my Kindle, wondering what new deviant scenes Jade would bestow upon us. [4/5 stars]


Midnight Lily by Mia Sheridan

The journey is robust and riveting ~Nelle [5/5 stars]


Corrupt by Penelope Douglas

Corrupt is a dark psychological thriller with the perfect amount of mindf*cking, lust-filled sex.


The Revenger by Debra Anastasia

Debra Anastasia takes you on an action packed journey filled with mystery and romance.


Legend by Katy Evans

Legend brought us a new couple on opposing sides of the fight ring but their young love was wonderfully innocent and hot at the same time.


Sophie’s Voice by Helen Hardt

If you like the Phantom of the Opera, you’ll like the little homage Helen writes into this hot historical story about a shy woman with the voice of an angel and the theater owner who falls in love with her.


Unraveled by Jennifer Dawson

Unraveled is a quick, sexy read that is perfect for your lunchtime break, though you probably want privacy.


Outtakes from the Grave by Jeaniene Frost

More Cat and Bones goodness can be found in this anthology and it’s awesome.


See What Our #SBC16 Authors Say Are Their Favorite Books

Get to know the brains behind the book authors at Shameless Book Club 2016! We asked them to tell us two things: their favorite book of all time and their favorite book they read in the last year.


The Professional by Kresley Cole

Kresley Cole describes the build up and anticipation perfectly. If you enjoy hot sex scenes with BDSM aspects and great humor throughout your books, 1-click now.


Radiance (Wraith Kings Book 1) by Grace Draven

Radiance was such a great romantic fantasy story with an arranged marriage that leads to love. I enjoyed watching Brishen and Ildiko fall in love with each other. ~ Marissa [5/5 stars]


Crave by Jennifer Dawson

Jennifer Dawson came out of nowhere and gave me exactly what I needed to get out of my book funk with Michael and Layla’s story. Crave has a hot, alpha and Dominant cop who goes after the woman he’s been watching for 6 months.

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Misconduct by Penelope Douglas

Tyler and Easton give a sexy new meaning to “parent-teacher conference.” [4.5/5 stars]


All He Wants for Christmas by Elisabeth Naughton, Alexandra Ivy, Cynthia Eden, Katie Reus, Laura Wright and Skye Jordan

Excerpt ~Nelle [#½/5 stars]


Reaper’s Fall by Joanna Wylde

I wasn’t sure Joanna Wylde would be able to match my love of Picnic, but she did it with Painter. ~ Marissa [5/5 stars]


Cover Reveal: A Steel Town by Chloe Barlow

On January 11th, 2016, Chloe Barlow is giving us the latest in the Gateway to Love collection, A Steel Town.

A Steel Town

How do you protect the woman you love, when you fear you are the very person who could destroy her?

Claudia McCoy has been told what she can’t do enough for one lifetime. After a near-fatal childhood battle with juvenile diabetes and having to accept that her dreams of serving in the military would never come true, she’s thrilled to begin a life on her own terms. Yet, when she finally starts her career in the FBI, Claudia is furious that her condition and overbearing big brother, Wyatt, have both once again interfered with her ability to have the life she truly wants. Now derailed from her high-profile aspirations of a position in the FBI’s D.C. headquarters, she is instead planted far away from the real action, and practically right in her brother’s Pittsburgh backyard.

Trey Adler is known for fixing things, but he’s broken just as many — leaving him with regrets that never go away. He’d be the first to agree he should stay away from a nice girl like Claudia, but he can’t deny his friend Jenna Sutherland’s request when she asks him to use his position as a temporary FBI consultant to keep Claudia safe — especially as it’s clear this little firecracker needs protecting. Far away from all the action she so craves, Claudia is more determined than ever to prove herself in her first major investigation at whatever cost — and those costs are proving to be dangerously high.

Their battle of wills turns quickly into a powerful need for one other, making them both rethink everything they ever wanted.

Will Trey be able to keep her alive long enough to give them an opportunity at something real together — a future that can survive the danger in their present, as well as the darkness of his past?

Hello Trey, looking mighty fine there.

Here’s a special Excerpt just for us at SBC.

“What’s the problem?” Trey asked.

“It’s just…I’m so damned frustrated. There are all these pieces…I keep finding more, but

I can’t seem to get any of them to fit with each other.”

Trey could sense how truly thwarted she felt. Claudia needed a release, and he so

desperately wanted to give it to her. It didn’t help that Trey’s mouth was still watering from

his last taste of her. He needed more, and maybe he could have it, without breaking any

promises. There was one thing he knew could help turn off that big brain of hers.

“Maybe you need to focus more clearly. I can help.”

“Like with meditation or something?”

“Or something,” he retorted, feeling his mouth tilt into a half-smile as he stood and

looked down at her confused gaze. “Tell me, have you ever come before?”

“I think so.”

“Then, no,” he answered with a smirk. “Stand up.”

She searched his face for a clue, but finally did as he said.

“Take off your jeans and panties.”

Her mouth curved into a tiny “O,” but she remained silent, slowly unbuttoning her pants

and sliding her jeans down the length of her smooth, olive-toned legs. The light blue […]

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Transcending Darkness by Airicka Phoenix

Transcending Darkness is romantic suspense with an almost sweet (but dirty) love story. You get a lot of well written story, good side characters and plenty of sexy times.


Walk Through Fire by Kristen Ashley

If I could give this story more than 5 Stars, I would. Walk Through Fire is definitely my favorite of the Chaos Series (Sorry Shy!).


Dare to Rock by Carly Phillips

Favorite Quotes
“This is a get-to-know-you-again dinner, right?” She met his gaze and nodded.  “Then don’t fucking purr like a kitten needing to be stroked.”
He was relentless, his lips devouring hers, and while last time she’d been the one taking, this time she wanted to give.  She wanted to feel, taste, and experience him in living, breathing color.
He wanted to own her.  To claim and possess her, to brand her so when she walked out that door, she wouldn’t just smell like him, she’d belong to him.
Dare to Love Series Reading Order

Dare to Love (Dare to Love Book 1)  ⇐ FREE
Dare to Desire (Dare to Love Book 2)
Dare to Surrender (Dare to Love Book 3)
Dare to Submit (Dare to Love Book 4)
Dare to Touch (Dare to Love Book 5)
Dare to Hold (Dare to Love Book 6)
Dare to Rock (Dare to Love Book 7)


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Sweat poured off Grey Kingston’s body, and his heart beat a too-rapid rhythm, the high and adrenaline rush from his performance still pulsing through his veins as he walked into the lounge backstage. He pulled off his soaked shirt and tossed it onto the floor, grateful for the stocked room and waiting pile of towels. He grabbed one and dried his face and hair, deliberately trying to slow his breathing.

The sound of Tangled Royal fans stomping their feet and demanding an encore echoed through the walls, but the band had performed their final set. Even as his pulse still soared.

He glanced toward the door. “Did she pick up the ticket?” Grey asked Simon Colson, their manager, who was busy texting on his phone.

“What? Who?” Simon, ever the well-dressed Brit, shoved his phone into his trouser pocket. No jeans for him. “Good show,” he said to Grey and the rest of the band, ignoring Grey’s question.

Lola Corbin, their lead singer and Grey’s best friend, was still bouncing in her heels, not yet coming down from their shared high either. “We did rock it,” she said, tossing her dark hair over her shoulder.

Milo Davis, their bassist, grunted something and fell into a chair in the corner. Grey narrowed his gaze. Milo barely had the energy for a full concert these days, and that worried him.

But right now Grey had bigger concerns and turned to Simon. “I asked you if Avery Dare picked up the VIP tickets I told you to leave at the box office.”

Simon shrugged. “I couldn’t tell you.”

Grey scowled at his manager’s I don’t give a shit tone. More and more lately, Simon’s lack of consideration about what the band members wanted grated on Grey’s nerves. Lola might be considering using him for her solo career, but anything Grey did going forward wouldn’t be with the man.

At least he’d indicated he had left the tickets. He’d be out of a job if he screwed with Grey on this. “Fucking find out.”

“What’s so special about this piece of ass?” Simon barely got the words out because Grey grabbed him by his collared shirt and pinned him up against the wall.

“Talk about her like that again and […]


Falling Under by Lauren Dane

Favorite Quotes
She could not – would not – fuck her boss, no matter how fat his cock was or how nice of an ass he had.
“I get that you’ve been let down.  But that’s not me.  It’s not who I am or what I do.  Give me a chance to show you what it means to be cared about by a real man.” 
He grinned. . . “But you look at me and you see the honorable.  That’s why I love you.”  Carmella’s heart stuttered as she tried not to burst into tears or react in a way that would freak him out.  “I didn’t mean to say that yet . . . I said it because I want you to understand the Carmella I see is the one I’m looking at right now.  I will slay your fucking dragons.  I will have your back when you need to be the one slaying.  I’m all in.” 
Ink & Chrome Reading Order

Opening Up (Ink & Chrome Book 1)
Falling Under (Ink & Chrome)
Coming Back (Releases December 8th)



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Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh

I have a lot of catching up to do but I feel a binge read coming on for this series.


Opening Up by Lauren Dane

You need to 1-click this baby. Such a great story, hot bedroom scenes, family drama (but not annoying), the girl chasing the guy and great side characters.

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Taming Dex by Zoey Derrick

Watch the rock star manwhore fight his demons, fall in love with the one woman who can lift him up, and read some steamy sex scenes. ~ Marissa [4/5 stars]

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Ride Steady by Kristen Ashley

I never thought I’d love a biker more than Shy…but Joker took over my heart! He gives new meaning to hot, brooding biker dude. ~Adrian [5/5 stars]


The Marriage Contract by Katee Robert

Perfect blend of characters, suspense and love that equal one fantastic story.


Off Base by Tessa Bailey and Sophie Jordan

Off Base is a pair of steamy novellas by Tessa Bailey and Sophie Jordan. Tessa introduces a brand new hero type in with Beck (The Alpha Virgin!) and Sophie brings us a nice friends-to-lovers story. [5/5 stars]


Asa by Jay Crownover

Jay Crownover does a nice job wrapping up the stories with Asa and Royal. ~Nelle [4 stars]


Soaring by Kristen Ashley

Soaring is about finding that second chance at love late in life, about blending 2 families, and about a mother finding herself to reclaim her life. ~ Marissa [5/5 stars]


Deep by Kylie Scott

Kylie’s signature humor and style comes through loud and clear in Deep. ~Nelle [5/5 stars]


Taken by a Dragon by Felicity Heaton

I’ve always had a thing for mythical beasts. In Taken by a Dragon, Loke is like most dragons: possessive, inquisitive, protective, but he’s not an alpha-hole. ~ Marissa [4/5 Stars]


The Risk by Skye Jordan

Skye Jordan kicks off this new series with the wicked give and take between Julia and Noah. ~Nelle [4½/5 stars]


Step-Lover by Bella Jewel

Bella did a great job writing the emotional upheaval in the brothers’ and Aria’s lives before and after they became a family. ~Marissa [4½ stars]


Rock Hard by Nalini Singh

#NotARealDinosaur – Rock Hard had it all: tension, humor, sass and plenty of quirky romance with lots of sexiness. And now I want a T-rex of my own. ~ Marissa [5/5 stars]


His To Take by Shayla Black

His To Take is an unconventional love story with laughter, tears, hot sex and tons of suspense. ~Theresa 5/5 Stars


Point of Surrender by Stacey Lynn

A damaged, dirty talking Aussie vs a single mom on the run: you can guess who wins in Point of Surrender, and it isn’t Crocodile Dundee. ~ Marissa [4/5 stars]


Better When He’s Bold by Jay Crownover

Favorite Quotes
There was something about being desired by a man that you knew could destroy anyone in the room.  It shouldn’t feel good, shouldn’t make my thighs clench and my insides pulse, but it did . . . he did.
I wanted my hands in her hair, my marks on her skin, and my taste in her mouth.  I wanted her to look as rough as she made me feel on the inside.
“It’s not a place anyone really wants to call home, but if you give me some time, let me figure some things out, I can make you the queen of my broken kingdom.  I can make this a place that isn’t so terrible to be.”  
Welcome to the Point Reading Order

Better When He’s Bad: A Welcome to the Point Novel
Better When He’s Bold: A Welcome to the Point Novel
Better When He’s Brave: A Welcome to the Point Novel ←Preorder




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Risking it All by Tessa Bailey

Risking It All gives us the best of good versus evil, only in the end, we all win (and my panties lose). ~Angie [5/5 stars]


One to Leave by Tia Louise

Tia gives us another tortured military hero and the woman who saves him in One to Leave. This was a great blend of family love, love from the good woman of his dreams, and overcoming a tragic past. ~ Marissa [4/5 stars]

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Four Days by Dannika Dark

Four Days is a 1-2 punch of awesomeness. Seriously, when an author can redeem a character from the previous books so well that you want to marry him, you know the book is good. ~ Marissa [5/5 stars]


Incandescent by River Savage

Hot, dirty talking alpha male – check!
Sassy heroine – check!
What can I say? I love a dirty talking, rough and tough biker who knows he’s found the perfect woman for him. ~ Marissa [4.5/5 stars]


Wild and Free by Kristen Ashley

Gorgeous vampires, sexy werewolves and their kick-ass mates plus KA’s fantastic way with words make this one a MUST-READ!! ~Adrian [5/5 stars]

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Marissa’s Extravaganza of 99¢ Deals

Whether you find a new favorite author or that one awesome book that you cannot stop talking about, trust that we will help you in your pursuit. In fact, I’d like to start with this enormous list of 99¢ books.


Exclusive Cover Reveal: Thick Love by Eden Butler

Cover reveal and an excerpt from Thick Love by Eden Butler. After reading the long excerpt below, I cannot wait.


Kaleidoscope by Kristen Ashley

Once one of Kristen Ashley’s alphas recognizes his life-mate, he holds on tight and doesn’t let anything come between them. I love this series, I want a mountain man of my own. ~ Marissa [5/5 stars]


The Accidental Assassin by Nichole Chase

If you’re looking for a dark and twisted assassin tale, this is not for you. Especially since I was grinning within 3 pages and laughing after another 40 pages. ~ Marissa [4.5/5 stars]

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City of Champions by Chloe Barlow

City of Champions delivers on all the feels, sexy times, and suspense you expect from Chloe Barlow. ~ Marissa [4/5 stars]

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Rumor by Skye Jordan

In Rumor, Skye Jordan delivers a full story in a short and sweet package. ~ Nelle [4 1/2 /5 stars]


Point of Freedom by Stacey Lynn

Who doesn’t love a good enemies to lovers with a side of forbiddenness? I believe Point of Freedom is my favorite and best of the series to date. ~ Marissa [4.5/5 stars]


Exclusive Cover Reveal: City of Champions by Chloe Barlow

How do you find the will to try, when you’ve spent all your life playing on a field strewn with shattered lives and broken rules?


Reaper’s Stand by Joanna Wylde

Do not start reading Reaper’s Stand at 10pm. Trust me when I say that it will wreak havoc on your good night’s sleep. [5/5 stars]

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Deacon by Kristen Ashley

All the fuckin’ been thrown my way readin’ this book, it was given to me hard and it was beautiful. [5/5 stars]

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Rock Courtship by Nalini Singh

Nalini has crafted Rock Courtship with characters you can’t help falling in love with, and don’t worry, plenty of sexy instances throughout. ~ Marissa [4.5/5 stars]


Jagged by Kristen Ashley

Kristen Ashley has wooed me with her characters again. Another must-read from this Elite author. ~ Marissa [5/5 stars]

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Owned by Fate by Tessa Bailey

You know we love a good Tessa Bailey alpha male, and she does NOT disappoint with Jonah. [4.5/5 stars]


Temper for You by Genna Rulon

Temper For You is a gripping story of regret, deception, and redemption – filled with raw emotion, sarcastic wit, intrigue, and love’s propensity to forgive. ~ Marissa [5 stars]


Rock Addiction by Nalini Singh

Nalini had me on the edge waiting for the other shoe to drop and Molly leave Fox, and I think it made me love this story even more when you realize it’s all going to work out without that added drama. ~Marissa [5/5 stars]

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Assumption: Underground Kings by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Those Mayson boys sure know how to piss off a woman, yet still get her to fall in love with them in record time. Assumption gives us the last Mayson man to find love. ~ Marissa [4/5 stars]

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One More Chance by Abbi Glines

One More Chance is by far my favorite of the series since Rush’s story, and boy does Abbi put you through the wringer. ~ Marissa [4.5/5 stars]

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The Best Books: Summer Superlatives

The books we’re listing aren’t necessarily ones that were released this summer, but they’re ones we read and loved from May through August 2014.


Worth Forgiving by Vi Keeland

Worth Forgiving has a few things I’m currently addicted to in my reading: a strong heroine, a dirty talking hero who knows he’s found a good woman, suspense, and hot times in and out of the sheets. ~ Marissa [4/5 stars]


Thin Love by Eden Butler

In Thin Love, Kona and Keira’s journey from college sweethearts to bitter ex-lovers to second-chance lovers is one worth taking a dozen times over, because there is always some nuance missed. ~ Marissa [4.5/5 stars]


Breathe by Kristen Ashley

Breathe will put you through the wringer of emotions, but it is so worth it. Chace and Faye, one of my very favorite KA couples. ~ Marissa [5/5 stars]


Precarious: Jokers’ Wrath MC by Bella Jewel

Precarious was hot and sexy, some suspense, but overall, not the best of Bella’s MC stories. ~ Marissa [3.5/5 stars]


Temptation by Robin Covington

Who doesn’t love a good damsel in distress story? Now add in a hot and sexy firefighter with a hero complex and you have Temptation by Robin Covington. ~ Marissa [4/5 stars]


Talent to Burn by Laura Welling

Talent to Burn gives you a bad boy, a girl on the run, and threats all around them, with some wicked plot twists. ~ Marissa [4/5 stars]


Rogue by Katy Evans

Rogue is probably my favorite of the series so far. The two main characters were great together, and the writing was definitely different than the other three books. ~ Marissa [4.5/5 stars]


Break the Sky by Nina Lane

In Break the Sky, we meet two damaged souls, each trying to prove something. Archer, trying to be a better man, a better brother, and not seen as the black sheep of the family. Kelsey, trying to be strong and maintain her career in a man’s world, while also not becoming a frigid excuse of a woman. ~ Marissa [4.5/5 stars]


Point of Redemption by Stacey Lynn

Though we meet Ryker and Faith in the previous book, you won’t be lost starting with Point of Redemption. The author does a good job of explaining things you may have missed.~ Marissa [4/5 stars]


Lady Luck by Kristen Ashley

Oh, Lady Luck, you know how to grab me, hold on tight, and give me an awesome story ride. This is my favorite of the Colorado Mtn series, and Ty is definitely in my top 3 of all Kristen Ashley Alphas. ~ Marissa [5/5 stars]


The Winter King by CL Wilson

The Winter King is a wonderful fantasy ride, with magic, legendary heroes and gods, palace intrigue, beautifully written scenes in and out of the bedroom, plus characters you’ll enjoy to love and hate. ~ Marissa [5/5 stars]


Give Me Grace by Kate McCarthy

Once again, Kate has upped her game with Give Me Grace, the latest addition to this series. It has everything I love: romance, humor, great characters, sexy times and suspense, plus a few sweet moments. ~ Marissa [5/5 stars]


Addicted by Tracy Wolff

Addicted finally gives us the story continuation and HEA we’ve been waiting for since Ruined. ~ Marissa [4/5 Stars]


Ricochet by Skye Jordan

Skye Jordan’s Ricochet demonstrates a creative, intelligent story and blistering sex in one fantastic package. ~ Nelle [5/5 stars]


Hell’s Hilltop by J.A. Dennam

Hell’s Hilltop is the best of the trilogy as we not only get everyone’s happy ending, but all the secrets and lies are exposed to a fulfilling conclusion. This series will definitely go at the top of my list for 2014. ~ Marissa [4.5/5 stars]

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Extreme Measures by Elisabeth Naughton

If you’re looking for a change of pace, maybe non-stop action with shoot-outs, plot twists, smexy times, and a second chance at love, then Extreme Measures has it all. [4.5/5 stars]


Beautiful Oblivion by Jamie McGuire

Oh how I love those Maddox brothers. Beautiful Oblivion shows us the humorous, sometimes sad, but all around great guy, Trenton Maddox. [4.5/5 Stars]


Cooper by Harper Sloan

The Corps Security boys know how to win over their women, and I loved watching Asher win over Chelcie.

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Wingman by Bella Jewel

If you’re looking for a funny, sexy, story with low angst, then look no further than Wingman. I love Bella Jewel’s books, and she’s added more humor into this story compared to her others. ~ Marissa [4.5/5 stars]


Pia Saves the Day by Thea Harrison

When you fall in love while reading about a couple, you can’t wait to read anything and everything with them in it. Pia Saves The Day is a great addition to Dragos and Pia’s story. ~ Marissa [4.5/5 stars]


Sweet Dreams by Kristen Ashley

I can’t explain to enough people how much I adore Kristen Ashley’s alpha males, and this story has everything: a love story, family drama, mystery and suspense, and great side characters. [5/5 stars]

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Better When He’s Bad by Jay Crownover

In Better When He’s Bad, we explore Dovie and Bax’s ups and downs and we get steamy chemistry. ~Nelle [4 stars]

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Death’s Redemption by Marie Hall

For some reason, I thought Death’s Redemption was going to be a fluffy story, with hot sex thrown in to add some spice in between the suspense. But, what I got was a well written story-line, fleshed out characters, plus mystery and suspense. [4/5 stars]


Night Fury: First Act by Belle Aurora

In this first installment of Night Fury, we meet Catarina and the rest of the “convent”, who are really undercover assassins. She has been training since she was a child, and we learn a bit about her first assignment and a follow-up one to prove herself once and for all to the team, so she can finally claim her codename of Night Fury. ~ Marissa [3.5/5]

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Life After Taylah by Bella Jewel

What happens when you meet the one person who can make you smile and laugh after years of depression, but you can’t afford to fall in love with each other? In Bella Jewel’s Life After Taylah, two people see an unlikely friendship turn into love.


Cover Reveal + Giveaway: Keep Me by Anna Zaires

Release Date: September 30, 2014

Abducted at eighteen. Held captive for 15 months.

It reads like one of those headlines. And yes, I did it. I stole her. Nora, with her long
dark hair and silky skin. She’s my weakness, my obsession.

I’m not a good man. I never pretended to be one. She can love me, but she can’t change me.
I can, however, change her.

My name is Julian Esguerra, and Nora is mine to keep.

Keep Me is the sequel to Twist Me, told from Nora & Julian’s POV.


“Are you all right?” There is a concerned expression on Nora’s face as she reaches
up to touch the area above my left ear. Her slender fingers are gentle on my scalp.

“Does it still hurt?”

Her touch sends pleasure streaking down my spine. I want this from her. I want
her to care about my well-being. I want her to love me even though I stole her
freedom—even though, by all rights, she should hate me.
I have no illusions about myself. I’m one of those men they show on the news—the
ones that everyone fears and despises. I took a young woman because I wanted her
and for no other reason.
I took her and I made her mine.
I make no excuses for my actions. I feel no guilt either. I wanted Nora, and now she’s
here with me, looking at me like I’m the most important person in her world.

And I am. I am exactly what she needs now . . . what she craves. I will give her
everything, and I will take everything from her in return. Her body, her mind, her
devotion—I want it all. I want her pain and her pleasure, her fear and her joy.
I want to be her entire life.

“No, it’s fine,” I say in response to her earlier question. “It’s almost healed.”

She pulls her fingers away, and I catch her hand, not ready to forego the pleasure
of her touch. Her hand is slim and delicate in my grasp, her skin soft and warm.
She tries to tug it away reflexively, but I don’t let her, my fingers tightening around
her small palm. Her strength is insignificant compared to mine; she can’t make me
release her unless I choose to let her go.

She doesn’t really want me to let her go, anyway. I can feel the excitement rising
within her, and my body hardens, a dark hunger awakening within me again.
Reaching across the table, I slowly and purposefully unbuckle her safety belt.
Then I stand up, still holding her hand, and lead her to the bedroom at the back of
the airplane.

Twist Me Series Reading Order

Twist Me
Keep Me


Signed paperback of Twist Me (domestic) ** e-book copy of the complete Krinar Chronicles trilogy (international)
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I have read paranormal romance (Black Dagger Brotherhood; Dark Light series; Dark Fever; Guild Hunter) and am not afraid of a little vampire bump-and-grind, but it’s not a part of my regular rotation. So I needed a good n’ smutty PNR reader to give you guys the ghost and were-love you’re looking for.

I’m super excited to have Marissa come in and make her recommendations for paranormal romance books you should read. Just like with my other fabulous columnists, trust in her and expect to see more PNR book recommendations every Wednesday!

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Fairytale Come Alive by Kristen Ashley


Favorite Quotes:
“His mouth came to hers. “Baby, I didn’t kiss you because I wanted to watch you come and I can’t do that when I’m kissing you.”

“I told you, baby, when you came back to me, I’d make you work for it but I’d take you back. You may not want to be back but I don’t give a fuck. I’m keeping you this time.”

“‘You love me,’ he declared.
‘With everything that I am,’ Elle confirmed, his eyes closed slowly and his arms squeezed her tight.”

Heat Rating: Molten
Genre: Modern Romance, Paranormal
Series: Part of a Series, but each can be read standalone—Ghosts and Reincarnation Series

Series Reading Order for Ghosts and Reincarnation Series

Penmort Castle: Amazon
Sommersgate House: Amazon
Lacybourne Manor: Amazon
Fairytale Come Alive
Lucky Stars: Amazon

Though this novel is within Kristen Ashley’s Ghosts and Reincarnation series, it is a standalone book. The only thing that makes it part of the series is the addition of a ghost, and luckily for Bella and Prentice, Fiona is more a fairy godmother than ghost. I must warn you that I have declared this book off-limits for reading in public because of the need for tissues. I’ve cried every time I’ve read it, whether it’s passages or the whole thing. Do not let that deter you, because Kristen Ashley has once again written two wonderful main characters that get a second chance at love. Plus, you have Prentice with his sexy Scottish brogue, alternating between love and hate with Bella as she works her way back into his life and the lives of his children.

Fairytale Come Alive will grab at your heart, and you’ll cheer right along with Fiona and the children as Bella gets her fairytale with Prentice.

All of Kristen Ashley’s Ghost and Reincarnation novels are currently on sale for 99 pennies each![/box_light]
Take Me by T.A. Grey


Favorite Quotes:
“Because from the moment I saw you, I knew. I knew you were perfect for me. Everything about you drew me to you like a moth to light. I’m going to have you Felicity…many, many times.”

“He started hammering into her and that’s what did it. The hungry, painful look in his eyes as he watched her, the love in his heart for her, the way he […]