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Cheap (But Not Easy) Books You Should Read

Books for 99 Cents I’ve Read & Recommend

My Reviews:
Fallen Too Far [4.5/5 stars]
A Beautiful Lie [4/5 stars]
Kiss Me [5/5 stars]
Frenemies [5/5 stars]
Friends with Benefits [5/5 stars]
Share Me [4.5/5 stars]
Lost to You [5/5 stars]
Consequences [4/5 stars]

Books for 99 Cents On My To-Read List

Books for $1.99 I’ve Read & Recommend

My Reviews:
Deep Desires [5/5 stars]
The Stranger [4.5/5 stars]
The Secret of Ella & Micha [5/5 stars]
Wreck Me [5/5 stars]
The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden [5/5 stars]
Dark Light [5/5 stars]

Books for $1.99 On My To-Read List

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