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Best Gay Romance Books: Backwoods Series

Best Gay Romance Books

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Backwoods Series by Cara McKenna

Backwoods Series


+ Favorite Quotes
“You ever gonna fuck me face-to-face?” Gabriel asked, already obeying.
“I give you everything else you want,” Shane said. “Lemme have my baby steps.” —Backwoods

This bed where two strong men fucked the living daylights out of each other… The thought made her feel obscenely feminine. —Shivaree

“I want you in charge.” Her free hand palmed his hip, feeling muscle and bone and the combined heat of Shane’s body and the fire warming his skin. “Just be how you are, tonight.” —Getaway

Heat Rating: Molten
Genre: Modern Romance, M/M/F
Series: Part of a Series, Should Be Read in Order—Backwoods Series

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Backwoods Series Reading Order

  1. Backwoods ★★★★★: Amazon
  2. Shivaree ★★★★★: Amazon
  3. Getaway ★★★★★: Amazon

Solange Says:
Hnnn oh my GOD these books are HOT. I pretty much read this series in one go and LOVED it. Backwoods is the prequel to Shivaree and completely M/M but it’s a must-read. It really shows the dynamic between Shane and Gabriel before Natalie comes in to play. You should know by now that I love my boys broken, and these two are prime examples. The only reason I gave Getaway 4 stars is because things became a little too domestic for my taste (but still hot) and if that’s not your thing, the series works perfectly with just the first two books. If you like your endings happy, you’ll love the third book too.[/box_light]

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