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  • DISCLOSURE: SBC, LLC contains affiliate marketing links.

Best Gay Romance Books: All Wrapped Up; Change of Heart; Juicy Bits

Best Gay Romance Books


All Wrapped Up by Laylah Hunter, Thea Hayworth, Gryvon, Morgan Harcourt


Favorite Quote

“I love humans; it takes so little to get you going.” — Situation Normal by Morgan Harcourt

Heat Rating: Nuclear
Genre: Erotica, Paranormal, Gay, Anthology, #FuckYeahTentacles
Series: Standalone

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Stories within the anthology:

  • Ground Mission by Laylah Hunter
  • Wildwood by Thea Hayworth
  • Dark Covenant by Gryvon
  • Situation Normal by Morgan Harcourt

Solange Says:
It wriggles, it squiggles, it tickles in naughty places. Yes, this is a book full of creatures–some human, some not–who have extra appendages and aren’t afraid to use them. Or be used by them. I was pretty much on board from the first page. Bring on the wiggly fun!

Warning: The third story, Dark Covenant, does contain non-con scenes (but not with tentacles).[/box_light] [box_light]

Change of Heart by Mary Calmes


+ Favorite Quotes

“He was claiming me. I was his possession, and I wanted nothing else.”

“I was weightless, and even though I could barely breathe, it didn’t matter. I craved the man, body and soul. I was content to keep him inside me as long as he wanted.”

Heat Rating: Molten
Genre: Paranormal, Gay, Shifter
Series: Part of a Series, Should Be Read in Order—Change of Heart

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Change of Heart Series Reading Order

  1. Change of Heart
  2. Trusted Bond: Amazon
  3. Honored Vow: Amazon
  4. Crucible of Fate: Amazon

Solange Says:
There are a lot of things I really liked about this book. The world building, the writing, the (hot like the surface of the sun) sex, the characters, I could go on and on, but mostly I liked how expertly Mary Calmes dealt with the predestined mates trope.

While reading I was as loathe as the main character Jin to have him bump into his supposed soul mate for life, but once it happened, I liked how I was nudged in the right direction, eventually rooting for them both, and really wanting them to work things out. I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

If you’re a fan of shifters, this world where werepanthers exist will certainly float your boat.[/box_light]


Juicy Bits, an Anthology


+ Favorite Quotes

“Not while you’re working for me.” His voice was firm, but his eyes were kind.

“I’ve only got another week,” Jake blurted out.

“I know.” Cal smiled, and then he dipped his head to press a firm, but utterly chaste, kiss against Jake’s lips before releasing him. “But in the meantime, you need to behave.” — An Invitation by Jay Northcote

Heat Rating: Nuclear
Genre: Erotica, Gay, Anthology
Series: Standalone

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Stories Included:

  • What I’ve Been Missing by John Amory
  • Never Kiss by Rick Bettencourt
  • Not Water Resistant by J.J. Cassidy
  • Heat Wave by Olivia Duncan Craig
  • Hot Coffee by Kim Dias
  • For What It’s Worth by Rhidian Brenig Jones
  • Sandman and the Cookie by Dawn Kimberly Johnson
  • Dial It Up by Mina Kelly
  • Voyeur-something by Briana Lawrence
  • Strangers on the Northeast Regional by Pearl Love
  • 2 Weeks 6 Days 2 Long by S K Manganelli
  • Sparks by A. Morell
  • Swim Meet by Johnny Murdoc
  • An Invitation by Jay Northcote
  • Lucky XIII by J. I. Radke
  • Farmer in the Dell by Rob Rosen
  • River Gods by Heloise West
  • Hunting by Nikki West
  • Play with Me by Lucy Whedon
  • In Good Hands by Logan Zachary

Solange Says:
This anthology delivers what it promises on the cover: all the juicy bits you skip ahead to in all your favorite smutty books. It’s all right there, short, sweet and sexy. There’s no such thing as a guilty pleasure, so go forth and wank, Smut Muffins!

I received a copy of this anthology from the publisher in exchange for sharing my honest opinion. [/box_light]

Best Gay Romance May 5

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  • Broken Pieces by Riley Hart ★★★★★
  • Only Love by Garrett Leigh ★★★★★
  • Blue Skies by Tamara Allen ★★★★★

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