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Best Paranormal Books: Dark Hunger on a Killing Moon, Stop Dragon My Heart Around

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Dark Hunger on a Killing Moon by Aline Hunter


+ Favorite Quotes

“I know what you want.” He began moving down her body toward the paradise that awaited him. “And I’m going to give you everything you need.”

“Tell me how that feels, love. Tell me what it feels like when I’m so deep inside you that you can’t tell where I end and you begin.”
“Perfect,” she sighed, arching her back. “Like we are meant for each other.”

“I see you, Bridon Walkyr. ALL of you. The man, the vampire,my Fated and my Chosen.”
He grinned. “Are you certain you don’t want to add parasite, leech, or bloodsucking bastard to that?”

Heat Rating: Nuclear
Genre: Paranormal
Series: Part of a Series, Can Be Read Standalone—Desires of the Underworld

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Desires of the Underworld Series Reading Order

  1. Eternity and a Day: Amazon
  2. Dark Hunger on a Killing Moon

Marissa Says:
I love a good enemies to lovers story, and this one hits all my marks: paranormal, hot sex, vampires, werewolves, magic, hot sex, suspense . . . did I mention hot sex?

It was all woven into a great story that pitted a vampire king against his fated mate, who was a werewolf and enemy. Poor Bridon, he lost his first mate and was alone for centuries while waiting for his mate to be reborn, and she ends up being raised to hate him. So, he has to struggle to not only capture her and her love, but also deprogram her from the hate speech she’s known.

Willow is a strong, alpha woman, and she doesn’t let Bridon push her around. But, she has a soft heart when it comes to her family, and Bridon uses that knowledge to win her over. He also has a timeline of getting her to become his mate, so he uses the rising of the moon and the mating heat against her. This leaves her with uncontrollable sexual urges, which leads to some very hot interactions between them as he woos her. We also get some suspense, side stories, and seeing a few characters from the previous book, but this can be enjoyed just fine without having read book one.[/box_light]


Stop Dragon My Heart Around by Susannah Scott


+ Favorite Quotes

She would control herself this time, she would be cool, detached, and not go bat-shit crazy on him. She was moving on. People who’d moved on didn’t argue with their wannabe lovers.

Cozy was a fun night by a fireplace with marshmallows. Cozy was a grandmother knitting Christmas sweaters. Cozy was new puppies in a litter. Cozy was not what he had in mind to do in that tent with Tee.

Heat Rating: Fire
Genre: Paranormal
Series: Part of a Series, Can Be Read Standalone—Las Vegas Dragons

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Las Vegas Dragons Series Reading Order

  1. Luck of the Dragon: Amazon
  2. Stop Dragon My Heart Around: Amazon

Marissa Says:
Though this is the second book in the series, you don’t need to read book one to understand the story, because this is all about Tee and Leonidas. *sigh* I love that name. Anyway, poor Leo has been in love with Tee for a few years, but since he is a dragon shifter, he doesn’t want to start anything with her unless she’s his mate. In this author’s world, unless the man finds his fated mate, he will lose his dragon shape, almost like losing a piece of his soul. And Tee has loved Leo just as long, but he’s always keeping her are arm’s reach and she finally decides to put her foot down, throw caution to the wind, and declare her love.

Unfortunately, before this can transpire, Leo has to save Tee and take her out of harms way, which puts them in close quarters for a few days. Now, the chemistry between them cannot be denied and they finally give in to the passion, and boy is it hot. This was a good addition to the series, and I can’t wait to read about the next 2 characters, as they have been dancing around being mated for years.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.[/box_light]

Paranormal Romance April 30

Paranormal Romance Books—April 23:

  • Bunny and the Bear by Eve Langlais ★★★★½
  • TRUE by Laurann Dohner ★★★★½

Paranormal Romance Books—April 16:

  • The Shadow Reader by Sandy Williams ★★★★½
  • Kinked by Thea Harrison ★★★★½
  • Cold Iron by D.L. McDermott ★★★★

Paranormal Romance Books, Superhero Edition—April 9:

  • Six Months by Dannika Dark ★★★★½
  • Blood Stained Tranquility by N. Isabelle Blanco ★★★★

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